In playing FFXIV, I have learned two very important things. I know there are a lot of things you can learn about a game, but these two seem very… evident.

  1. The game is beautiful. Startlingly so. You can kind of see that here.
  2. Elves are dicks.

That last one might seem a bit odd, but seriously, in two of the questlines in Gridania there is a dick elf (one from each clan) that just starts some shit and talks all kind of nastiness about you or your class guild. It is some serious shit.


I have been playing a crazy lot of Neverwinter the last couple of weeks – it’s not even that the game offers anything that others haven’t in the past, but somehow being able to solo play and immerse myself in a world like that is offering more to me personally than I thought was possible.

I think I’m a bit addicted, yeah?

Gaming: World of Warcraft: Pet Hunting

I mentioned before that I’m getting more than a little into the pet battle system in WoW. It is very much like Pokémon but I find myself able to easily get into this kind of hunting – even though the payout is really NOTHING – than I was able to get into Pokémon itself. It’s really weird how much I’ve been doing it. I think it has gotten to the point where people are actually thinking about staging interventions for me, but you know what? SHUT UP, I FIND IT FUN.

What this means, though, is that the completionist in me had to find a way to keep track of all this stuff outside of the game in its own little area. Something to let me know how good I’m doing – or how badly I guess considering I have less pets than nearly everyone – and to keep track of my collection in a way that I can show off to people, which lead to me finding…


Okay, I know you think I’m especially crazy now and that my friends were probably right in saying that an intervention was not far off, considering the three days I’ve spent doing this – almost non-stop… I sleep, but when I wake up I’m pretty much on pet duty if I’m not dying of pain – and the fact that I actually signed up for a website outside of the game itself to keep track of and deal with my collection.  You’re judging me, and for now, that’s really okay.

I’m proud of my mediocre little collection and what it’s coming to, and I like the idea of this profile thing they give me… it allows me to feel connected without having to actually interact with a single… goddamn… person.  My rare pets are climbing and the rest are evening out into nothing.  Soon I will rule the world with rare pets and awesomeness.  Fear me.

If you are crazy like me, for some reason, feel free to add me there, and once I confirm you’re not a psychopath who wants to stab me and steal my babies pets, we might exchange battletags.

Gaming: World of Warcraft Pet Battling

So for the last day and a half I’ve spent most of my time in World of Warcraft doing pet battles and trying to get rares of each pet just because it’s a goal to have. Music helps with the flow, but I seriously zone out in this shit, and it’s not the same as Pokemon where I kind of get easily distracted and stop focusing on the task at hand. I seriously just go bongo and continue to search for these pets for ages at a time.

I’m starting to wonder if I maybe have a problem. … Maybe. I also think my blog needs a new theme.

Diablo 3

With the somewhat recent release of the Diablo 3 Talent calculator, the hype for the game has become even more so than it was in the last couple of years– the newest wave of beta invites have gone out and while I didn’t get in, a friend of mine did. I’ve already calculated just how my Demon Hunter will be, and am absolutely ecstatic for the chance to play it.

Some people have mixed feelings about this Blizzard Game and find that the art hasn’t progressed enough, or that it’s too light hearted, or that somehow they’ve lost the meaning of the game. I find it to be the quite opposite, given that they’ve stuck to their original style of character creation (You’re male or female, otherwise you’re the same, deal with it,) overall theme, and game play mechanics. I feel like momentarily addressing some issues people seem to be having…

While the art isn’t out of this world, it’s capable of running on almost any system and looks /good/. Some people find it to be too underdeveloped, but I’ve always had a kind of love for the rough around the edges art style that Diablo presents, and it is leagues above what it was in D2.

The game play itself looks as much like it was in the original with certain tweaks to make things a bit more fluid– I haven’t had a chance to test it out myself, so most of this is second hand information and hope– while keeping to the original style of the Diablo game. Clicking, smushing, killing, looting… everything you loved about D2 will still be capable, as well as a few new additions.

The biggest announcement has to be the allowing of real life money to be spent on in-game auctions, allowing for people to actually make money off of their account, something blizzard has, in the past, frowned upon in more ways than one. While it’s not clear just how far this system is going to go, and just how refined it is going to be– and likely won’t be announced fully until release– it feels like they’re finally allowing for some lenience in that department, and in a game where item grabs are a gamble more than others.

Honestly, there hasn’t been a day since I heard about D3 that I haven’t wanted it, and nothing that anyone else says will change that. I feel that the art style is fine, that they’re amount of ‘darkness’ is fine, and I feel that they’re improving upon a concept that was already wildly successful, so why complain?