Artistic Expression (though not mine)

Mayuri Kotonoha

Art © Tovio Rogers

I’ve had a rough twenty-four hour period, and I am understanding that it is not as rough as some have had and even in the scheme of people experiencing the exact same feeling, mine is probably less valid because of circumstance, but it doesn’t make it any less assy.

The night before, I was in a stream with my good friend Tovio Rogers ( dA/FB/tumblr/twitter)as he was drawing up art like above for 15$ (this is not his usual rate, these are more stress release stream commissions, he is easily worth his regular rates though so hit him up) like a maniac, and kept deferring people to go ahead of me so they could see their art drawn live — everyone should get to do that once and it’s fairly amazing so I don’t mind waiting — and ended up getting mine the next day (which was last night.)

As he was finishing up another friend of mine’s piece, my boyfriend and I sort of mutually decided to call it for now, it wasn’t fair to him — or to me, as he says — that he wasn’t ready to be in that sort of relationship while I was very much ready and in love with him.  So I went from slight giddy to completely destroyed in moments.

There’s no hard feelings towards my ex, I’m just sad to have lost what I had, though I realise he and I will continue to be friends and someday — and yes I understand how toxic that sounds but it’s really not — it might work out.  We are what we are and we can only be honest.

It hasn’t changed that feeling of utter disappointment and crushing self-defeat I always feel when something crumbles in my hands, but I’m adult enough to know that if you love someone, especially enough to say that you were in love with them, acting like you can just let them go because the kissing portion of your relationship is over is ridiculous.

I’m an adult and I have adult relationships, but childish reactions to the end of them, in which I’m crying and snotty and completely and utterly broken.  I don’t think you ever really outgrow that feeling, either.  You will always sort of fall apart if something was worth having… it’s not like it was every time someone fucked me over in the past, when I was crying out of anger, it was literally mourning a piece of something that was now dead comparatively to the actual livelihood of our continued friendship.

That being said, I went from not knowing just what I wanted for Mayuri — my Au Ra OC from Final Fantasy XIV — to knowing that I wanted her drawn sad, and then in the Thavnairian Bustier… upon seeing the art Tovio did of her, I’m going to make some stylistic changes to her appearance to better match this art as she’s exactly what I wanted.

Sometimes an artist knows what you want better than you do, and because Tovio and I are good friends and he’s done so much art for me, he knew exactly what to do for me, and how to make my sadness into something beautiful.

Total Artgasm.

Art Makes Me Happy

And even more so when I can buy it for other people. I had some money saved up, and in my depression my boyfriend has been amazingly good to me, so with his, at the time, upcoming birthday, I decided to order him this really lovely water colour piece from Daswhox @ deviantart, partially because they do these really lovely Amanoesque water colour concept pieces, but also just because I think he needed some really shiny art of Khyros Oroban, his character from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

I ordered it towards the end of April, after I’d left my dad’s place and through… all the nonsense I was feeling over losing my mom (it’s been ages now and still I crumple into a heap sometimes thinking about it, I don’t think it’ll ever go away completely.) It was an idea that I could do something really nice for him, drop a small chunk of change down on art, and hopefully make him smile! He’s quite fantastic though I uh… don’t talk about it often because I’m afraid he’ll give me weird looks — regardless, it took a little over two months to get everything sorted and for it to get here but I’m in love with it, really and truly, and he seems to be as well. It kind of helped brighten my day when it showed up.

Khyroa Oroban Water Colours

Khyros Oroban

Super wanted to share that — going to be doing more posts soon, hopefully inspiration will strike me and I’ll have something to write about.

These are just too cute.

Iddles commissioned a chibi of his character Khyros, and it was only going to be a couple of dollars more to get one of Lyse too, so he threw the money and got some chibis of those two cuties, so I decided they deserve some attention.


Khyros Oroban is © IDDLES!
Lyse Crofte is © myself.
Art is © Slate!

Commissioned Art: metalheadkomik

Subject: Adi/metalheadkomik (metalheadkomik@dA)
Number of Commissions: 1
Recommendation-Level: Four out of Five
Comments: I feel that Adi does amazing chitin and armour work, which is why I went to them for the following piece. They don’t so much do proof stages as they offer rough sketch poses and you choose, then you get a finished piece when that’s all done – it’s a bit better than most will give you in these stages, but for a fully coloured piece with two characters done like this for 50$, I’m quite pleased.

I decided to, this time, get a piece of Jouleaux (Curie) and Snared (Ryker) from metalheadkomik because they have always been really, REALLY good with chitin, armour, and pieces like that. They’ve done a couple of pieces for me in the past that involved a bit of armour and female faces, and it always feels a bit like a classic old Japanese of Korean comic style – Adi fancies a lot of Tokusatsu stuff, so that helps – and it feels like the pieces come out feel more artistic than most artists you’d commission.

The price ran me about 50$, which is highly affordable when most artists charged much more for two, full body characters in colour:

Jouleaux and Snared

I have a hard time not pointing out ‘that ass’ and the fact that Snared came out amazingly (didn’t I mention about the ability to do chitin and armour?). All in all, MHK puts their all into the image and in the end, you get something pretty bitching.

Curie (Jouleaux) is kind of (for the first time in her life) head over heels with Ryker (Snared) and the idea that he has this symbiotic being that comes out and takes over sometimes doesn’t seem to deter her at all; instead she seems to enjoy it. His possessiveness and protectiveness, usually a turn off, seem to work for her. They met randomly one day and when Ryker refused to bonk her and move on, they got closer until things came to a head and they both gave in to what they felt. Now they’re big damn heroes, off saving the world every day.

This one is a bit different from the piece I got before, as it was sketched out in pencil then coloured, but honestly, it looks quite good like that.

I’d recommend checking out MHK’s page and commissioning them, because it really is worth the money!

Commissioned Art: Tovio Rogers

Subject: Tovio Rogers (Tovio Rogers@dA)
Number of Commissions: 3 (two paid, one free)
Recommendation-Level: Four out of Five
Comments: For the rating I would have given a five, but there was a lack of proof-stage. I have only ever gotten him when he’s doing his sales so it’s possibly just something he doesn’t bother with for sales, but it’d be nice to be able to make little additions while it’s still in sketchiness.

Tovio’s someone I’ve dealt with a couple of times in the past, and with the new dA account, he drew me a freebie, which led to me order a couple of pieces from him in the variety of couples – he had a sale and I couldn’t resist – and I feel that sharing them might be the best thing I can do to tout his skill. I can, at least in part, describe a bit of the characters and there’ll be absolutely no question that he nailed them.

Astrid and Elhanan

Spite-Fire (Astrid) and Elhanan (Eli)

It kind of blows me away that they look so good, Astrid’s got just the right amount of curve, and Eli’s skintone and hair are spot on. He’s offering her a cupcake because the way they met is her staring at a stove, willing it to produce food for her, while he sauntered up and started cooking. It started an entire tradition within their group where he’d make some amazing breakfast and they’d all sit around chatting while it happened. Such an amazing piece for some amazing characters.

The reason she’s venting the green (white-green here) flame is because strong emotions tend to make her go a bit flamey, it’s kind of a hindrance in their relationship, so she’s learned to vent it in certain ways to have those sweet moments with him – and he, to his credit, is learning to play with fire as well as someone who would easily get burned can. The cutest thing for me is that they both have these sort of veins around their eyes, hers from scant burns when she first started to manifest her powers, and his from taking a maser blast to the face (though it just grazed.)

It’s little things like that that I love about our characters, you know?


Dusty and Miha

Knuckledust (Dusty) and Mihanikos (Acacia Mihanikos/Miha)

Probably the stand-out piece of this order set. The colours, the tractor, their expressions and demeanor, and Dusty’s incredible body make this one of my favourite pieces of his to date. Not just of ones he’s done for me, but EVER. Dusty’s this no-nonsense type of bounty hunter who has this killer fight-style and body, and a heart of gold that absolutely cannot be stopped; while Miha is kind of brash and one of the guys more than she is any kind of girly girl, she runs her father’s old mechanic shop and could fix up any old clunker you bring in… then there’s the giant wrench and manhole cover she wields when fighting. You can see why they look so damn tough even in their cuteness.

They met through a job she helped Dusty pull and have been inseparable ever since. It’s kind of one of those relationships that creeps up on you, and this picture personifies just how easy they are together.
Those are the two couple shots, and I feel that they are… just bloody amazing, you know? Sometimes Tov will run free sketch livestreams where you don’t end up with some little rinky dink sketch idea, you get something like the following:

It’s not a simple little picture that someone drew in a couple of seconds, it’s a well thought out idea and it plays well with everything. I’m absolutely over the moon and would recommend Tovio highly – plus, it’s fun to watch him draw. ;D