I’m not sure why it only happens every once in a while, and I’m definitely not sure why I got a sneeze heavy cold in the desert, but I managed to get sick while being here in the middle of a barren wasteland that is Yuma, Arizona.

It’s putting a damper on my every day life as I find myself restless, and sometimes incapable of even functioning due to the nature of my icky feelings (that right there is a technical and medical term, y’know?) As much as I want to complete some other projects I’ve been working on, like my gaming blog, I feel kind of too blase to actually get through it.

There’s also a few things I’ve been wanting to do over here regarding posts. There’s a post siting in my drafts that’s been there for about a month, it’s almost complete but I can’t drag myself to complete it right now. It’s basically a rundown of the shows I’ve watched over and over and recommend others to do the same, which is highly Whedon-heavy. Regardless, it’s sitting there and collecting dust because I can’t seem to get off my arse to get it together and finish it.

A few ideas I have revolve around the idea of a few more lists– people seem to respond positively to them and I kind of enjoy doing them, and I might revisit and redo some lists I did a couple of years ago to see how much my tastes have changed and the like. Also, I could do food related lists or some such, I don’t know, I’m finding it hard to focus on the presentation of ideas right now. 🙁

Off to try and focus long enough to get some Skyrim under my belt. 😡

NaNoWriMo Planning Stages

I’ve been trying to post more content so that the fact that I’m going to be periodically rambling about NaNoWriMo (little over a month away, yay,) and how my process is coming along in defining what I’m going to be writing about.

I’ve honestly been at a loss, as I want to revisit the story I wrote last year, but do it in a different way to try and define what it is a bit more. I kind of dove into the process last year early on in the competition, but not at the very beginning, and then I went a little crazy trying to force myself into catching up and being a good little writer. In the end, I think my story suffered and it needed a bit more refining before writing even.

So far I’ve decided a few things to help it go a bit more smoothly:

  • I’m going to define the place where it all takes place– last time I went with complete vagueness and left it open to interpretation– but I think it makes the story lack backbone to do that kind of wussing out.
  • I need to truly define who Mhairi is in the early stages, as well as Edgar. They were thrown in on the basis that people would get the gist of their entire relationship with the opening paragraph, but instead I think I’m going to extrapolate on that whole thing a bit more in the beginning, or perhaps make that the first book in and of itself, defining their relationship. Not sure just yet.
  • I need to define the villain a bit more. It was pretty much something that popped in my head at the last minute last time and I forced it into place with a bit of violence.
  • Ix-nay the other boy being in love with Mhairi. We have enough love triangles in literature– he’ll just want to protect her because of her awesomeness, but not really be diving into her like he wants her. Besides, it’ll keep Edgar from brooding.

So far that’s all I have in the way of redoing the whole thing. Are you allowed to redo stories you’ve done previously? I don’t even know, and that’s part of what worries me. I guess I’ll have to go read up on everything and try to revisit the idea– if not, I’ll just do the prequel like I mentioned up there, the lead up to the crap I wrote last year. Boosh, loopholes.

Diablo 3

With the somewhat recent release of the Diablo 3 Talent calculator, the hype for the game has become even more so than it was in the last couple of years– the newest wave of beta invites have gone out and while I didn’t get in, a friend of mine did. I’ve already calculated just how my Demon Hunter will be, and am absolutely ecstatic for the chance to play it.

Some people have mixed feelings about this Blizzard Game and find that the art hasn’t progressed enough, or that it’s too light hearted, or that somehow they’ve lost the meaning of the game. I find it to be the quite opposite, given that they’ve stuck to their original style of character creation (You’re male or female, otherwise you’re the same, deal with it,) overall theme, and game play mechanics. I feel like momentarily addressing some issues people seem to be having…

While the art isn’t out of this world, it’s capable of running on almost any system and looks /good/. Some people find it to be too underdeveloped, but I’ve always had a kind of love for the rough around the edges art style that Diablo presents, and it is leagues above what it was in D2.

The game play itself looks as much like it was in the original with certain tweaks to make things a bit more fluid– I haven’t had a chance to test it out myself, so most of this is second hand information and hope– while keeping to the original style of the Diablo game. Clicking, smushing, killing, looting… everything you loved about D2 will still be capable, as well as a few new additions.

The biggest announcement has to be the allowing of real life money to be spent on in-game auctions, allowing for people to actually make money off of their account, something blizzard has, in the past, frowned upon in more ways than one. While it’s not clear just how far this system is going to go, and just how refined it is going to be– and likely won’t be announced fully until release– it feels like they’re finally allowing for some lenience in that department, and in a game where item grabs are a gamble more than others.

Honestly, there hasn’t been a day since I heard about D3 that I haven’t wanted it, and nothing that anyone else says will change that. I feel that the art style is fine, that they’re amount of ‘darkness’ is fine, and I feel that they’re improving upon a concept that was already wildly successful, so why complain?

Top 5 Non-FF Old School Console RPGs.

Though I made a post similar to this before and one of these games was even featured on that list, I find myself compelled to delve into the idea of my Top 5 Non-FF Old School Console RPGs, which may seem a bit long-winded and odd, but it’s enough qualifiers to keep me in a certain realm rather than deviating off to the same games I mentioned previously, at least too much.

Regardless, gaming being one of my biggest loves, I felt the need (especially since I’ve recently been replaying some of these titles) to go through and list my favourite old school console RPGs. No, I’m not talking Playstation, I’m talking consoles that you had to blow in the cartridges sometimes, and do it just so so that you didn’t erase your hours of work… the kind you had to jerry rig to make it work with a pencil, or another cartridge to hold it in place. The kind of games that gave us hours of pleasure and torment all at once. So, in no particular orders as I don’t think I could rank them properly if I tried, here they are…

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It’s almost upon us again, and honestly I’m rather excited about the prospect of competing again. While I managed to finish last time, I felt like my novel got a bit muddied through the process and my intense need to finish, and therefore I never finished editing it or getting it ready for publish– the idea was solid but the execution was a bit shaky– this year, however, I’m going to take the time to plot out an idea in my head. I won’t start writing until November, but I’m going to have some kind of idea of what I’m writing and where I want it to go in my head. As far as I’m aware this is fine in the context of the competition itself, so here’s hoping I can make it work again this year.

My idea is to do something fiction, yet again, because I’m terrible at non-fiction and I honestly feel like there’s nothing that I could write about that’s true that would be nearly as fantastical as what I could come up with if I just let my mind wander– I’m wondering, though, if I should rehash the idea from last year (the werewolf and her vampire lover) even though I know the idea of werewolves and vampires has been done to death at this point. I still feel it could be a solid story and wouldn’t turn into the useless drivel that most of them do if I applied myself. So it’s either that or something completely new, in which I have no ideas.

Perhaps magic? With Harry Potter having finished in the last few years and the movies now being complete, it feels as if there’s a definite lack of magic in the world of literature, even if it will continue to grow through the years as the series is passed down through the generations. While magic would be interesting, I also feel that the only way to keep it familiar would be to somewhat bite off the ideas of Rowling herself, and I have no intent on doing that.

I want to do something fresh and new, that speaks to me and will keep me interested in writing through the whole NaNoWriMo process. As much as I hate to ask, could anyone reading this help me spitball by throwing some ideas out there that I could perhaps build on– nothing concrete, just a theme– it would be highly appreciated. <3