Dissecting Buffy.

Weird title, I know, but people who know me at all know what a fanatic I am about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and how I tend to watch and re-watch the series more than is healthy, I’m sure– I think over the next few days I’m going to feature a few episodes that speak to me, for whatever reason, and get a bit into dissecting them as a whole– from perspective of back then, as well as today, and see if the message still works for everything that goes on these days.

Joss Whedon, being the genius he is, has probably more talent at doing this sort of thing in his pinky nail than I have in my entire body, but I feel the need to go through and have a bit of fun with that. Nothing will be off-limits, and as I recently read Buffy Fashion Roulette I might even get into the idea of prodding at the actual fashion and themes– we’ll never know until we try. I’m taking votes on which episode I should do first- instead of doing random pull, I figure I’ll give everyone a chance to voice in– if I don’t get anyone suggesting anything I’ll just pick one at random, but I’m hoping some people will help out. 😀

Leave a comment here with which Buffy episode you want me to watch and dissect from all angles, no episode is off-limits as I have them all. <3

Underrated Bands Series: Poets of the Fall.

I’ve spoken previously about how I’m going to post about some underrated bands, but I’ve decided that instead of doing one gigantic post of bands that should get more attention, I’m going to span it across a bit and give you one every now and again– and try to encourage you to get out there and experience the bands– they are worth your time.

Today our focus is Poets of the Fall, because honestly the band doesn’t get nearly the recognition they deserve, and I believe that more people should be immersed in the awesome that is the band.

I’m not good at explaining myself or my choices, or even totally verbalising just how awesome something is– I always feel like my thoughts are jumbled, and things come out a bit less clear than I’d like them, but I want to say this outright from the start, even if I do not make sense while explaining this, go out, listen to this band, and make your own decision on their greatness.

First of all, Poets of the Fall aren’t like any other band I’ve ever heard, while they dip into a style that is reminiscent of The Fray, and sometimes deviate towards a more power chord type of feel, they never seem to be exactly like any band I have ever listened to. The vocals, the music, the passion behind every lyric, it all culminates in a magnificent musical experience that cannot be replicated by any other band.

The first song I ever heard by this band featured Maarko singings so beautifully and so painfully passionately that I was floored in an instant, and that coupled with the music has helped make Carnival of Rust one of my favourite songs to this day– there is no song so passionate about the complete suffocation that love can make you feel than this one. It makes me feel like my entire body is weightless, and that I am merely wrapped in the melody, floating along in a dance– poetically sappy? Yes. True? Also yes.

Most people who I’ve introduced to Poets of the Fall have been introduced through that song, and from there I let them devour what they wanted and gave them doses in between of new songs I’d fallen in love with. I’ve never had a single person I’ve introduced to the band tell me that they’re horrible, that they’re not good, or that their music is terrible– not once… they all fall in love with them and end up being fans, because honestly Maarko has one of the most interesting and beautiful voices in music today.

If you want to hear heart-wrenching, beautiful love songs, I’d suggest All The Way 4 U (( yes, I’m still mad at the grammar)), Carnival of Rust, Fragile, Dawn and Sleep. For something with a bit more of a beat to it that makes you feel motivated, I’d suggested Miss Impossible, Passion Colours Everything, or Locking Up the Sun. It’s up to you, however, to go through songs and pick out what you like, what you find beautiful about them, and relate to your life.

Above all else, please help and support the artist by buying some of their songs from iTunes or Amazon.

Again, I implore you to realise that while I may be scatter-brained and not pontificate in the way that most do, I love this band to the point that I am begging you to go experience some of their music and come back here to tell me what you think. If you’re already a fan, help me out by writing comments to convince new people to dive head-first in.

My Top 5 Biggest Fears.

It happens a lot that people make these huge lists of things to want, to aspire to, or even things that they just think are nice– but today I’m going to do something a bit different, we’re going into the realm of DO NOT WANT here and touching up on some of my worst fears– there are some of them that might have images to elaborate and give some colour, but there are some that freak me out just by looking at them that won’t get images so you can suck it up and use google to your advantage.

These fears are going to range from the totally logical to the most completely weird things for someone to be afraid of, most likely– some of you won’t agree, or won’t even realise why they scare the bejesus out of me, but honestly, these are huge fears of mine. On to the list, non?

It’s worth a mention that Heights would have been on this list somewhere, but all of these out-shined that fear. Not that I’m any less terrified of them, just that these seem a) more interesting, and b) more terrifying and constant than heights themselves– I avoid heights, it’s easy.

5. Wasps

All right, don’t look at me like that. Wasp terrify me, and I’ll even go as far to say that anything that can fly and sting me will likely get me to scream like a girl and flee in terror– I honestly freak out to the point of nearly becoming paralysed with fear, but most of the time I’ll just run right over whoever is between me and the exit– I’m not proud of it, but I’ve nearly bowled my mother over to get away from a wasp, and that’s fear taking over, not something I’d normally do.

When you live in the middle of the country, like when I lived in Kentucky, Wasps are a problem during the summer, they latch onto houses and build nests in the eaves and stuff and invade your home. Twice I’ve known of wasps nests in that house that scared the crap out of me– in our old house in Kentucky they’d made a nest in my ceiling fan ((we’d taken it down to install a new one and never gotten around to it, so it was an open hole into the roof with wiring, apparently they like that)) and when we pulled down the posters on my wall to get ready to move into our new place, they were lined up on the wall like a little Nazi Wasp Army– I nearly peed myself and fled in terror. I don’t like them and I don’t want them near me, all right? All right. Just move if we’re in the same room as a wasp or yellow jacket or something.

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Essential World of Warcraft Add-ons.

If anyone here plays World of Warcraft, or might be trying to play it at some point in the future, I have a list of add-ons I honestly couldn’t live without, no matter what. I realise some of these will not apply to anyone, but there should be something for everyone– whether you like to raid or Role play, there’ll be something for everyone, or at least I hope. 😀

IRP- Continued

Download – For RPers, there’s always this wonder if there’s a way to put other notes about your description and such up, and that’s where add-ons like IRP come in– most people use MRP or RSP or some such program, but I tend to go with IRP because it’s light-weight and easy to use– it’s not as bloated as the others, and it’ll allow you to put in the information you want people to see, as well as a prename, last name, and ‘title’ to go beneath your name. All of this information will only be seen by others who have some form of RP add-on, but IRP is cross-compatible, so people with RSP and otherwise will be able to see your information. 🙂 It’s a must have if you plan to RP, at least in my opinion. Please do me a favour and if you use it, don’t put your life story or marital status in that description box, it’s for physical things– that’s why it’s a description box.


Download – Recount is essential for keeping ontop of your DPS numbers and adjusting what you’re doing to further your DPS output- it’s one of my favourite add-ons because it tends to motivate me to push myself further on my Rogue and just DPS my ass off. Most Raiding groups will be a bit iffy if you’re not pulling certain numbers, and they tend to run these kind of meters to figure out if you should continue running with them, so it’s good to have your own so you can adjust your numbers and make sure you’re as good as you can be for each raid. This doesn’t just apply to DPS, there is a meter that measures your healing done, as well as overheals ((which helps determine your mana conservation which is essential in long fights)), but I only use it for DPS as of right now.

NPCScan + NPCScan Overlay

Download – NPCScan requires you to delete a cache file in your WoW folder, so it might be a bit more for advanced users– there are many add-ons that do things similar, but I tend to prefer NPCScan because it gives less false positives, but it’s mostly meant for tracking Rare Spawns in various zones, and when coupled with NPCScan Overlay it can become essential to finding the one you want– as a rare spawn hunter it became a part of my add-on list recently, but I’d be lost without it.


Download – Bartender is kind of a new addition to my WoW gaming experience– I used to just use the default UI And deal with it, but for some reason I came upon Bartender and just learned to love it– it allows you full control over your action bars, stance bars, vehicle bars, and otherwise– its become kind of natural for me to use now. You can have a few bars in the center of your screen for your actions, just one, just two, all of them, or none of them– it really is up to you where you want you bars to be to function for /your/ needs. My general setup is three action bars towards the bottom center of my screen and all my extra bars set vertically off to the side, and that’s what works for me.

Bag Sort

Download – This might sound ridiculous, but Bag Sort makes me not go insane at people or things because it automatically sorts all the things into my bags into like categories– quest items, ore, etc. It’s a very simple add-on, as all you have to do is type /bagsort and all your stuff is sorted. Honestly, it really would make me insane if I didn’t have it, I have weird OCD-like issues with sorting things out into their proper places, and this makes it easier for me. Be careful using /banksort as it can totally mess up your way of organising your bank.

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Short but Sweet: Lyrical Inspiration

            Staring at the sea
                        Will she come?
Is there hope for me
                  After all is said and done
Anything at any price
          All of this for you
All the spoils of a wasted life
All of this for you
            All the world has closed her eyes
Tired faith all worn and thin
         For all we could have done
And all that could have been

                                    Ocean pulls me close
            And whispers in my ear
The destiny I’ve chose
            All becoming clear
                     The currents have their say
The time is drawing near
   Washes me away
Makes me disappear

            I descend from grace
            In arms of undertow
                       I will take my place
                                    In the great below

            I can still feel you
                        Even so far away