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Top 5 Non-FF Old School Console RPGs.

Though I made a post similar to this before and one of these games was even featured on that list, I find myself compelled to delve into the idea of my Top 5 Non-FF Old School Console RPGs, which may seem a bit long-winded and odd, but it’s enough qualifiers to keep me in a certain realm rather than deviating off to the same games I mentioned previously, at least too much.

Regardless, gaming being one of my biggest loves, I felt the need (especially since I’ve recently been replaying some of these titles) to go through and list my favourite old school console RPGs. No, I’m not talking Playstation, I’m talking consoles that you had to blow in the cartridges sometimes, and do it just so so that you didn’t erase your hours of work… the kind you had to jerry rig to make it work with a pencil, or another cartridge to hold it in place. The kind of games that gave us hours of pleasure and torment all at once. So, in no particular orders as I don’t think I could rank them properly if I tried, here they are…

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It’s almost upon us again, and honestly I’m rather excited about the prospect of competing again. While I managed to finish last time, I felt like my novel got a bit muddied through the process and my intense need to finish, and therefore I never finished editing it or getting it ready for publish– the idea was solid but the execution was a bit shaky– this year, however, I’m going to take the time to plot out an idea in my head. I won’t start writing until November, but I’m going to have some kind of idea of what I’m writing and where I want it to go in my head. As far as I’m aware this is fine in the context of the competition itself, so here’s hoping I can make it work again this year.

My idea is to do something fiction, yet again, because I’m terrible at non-fiction and I honestly feel like there’s nothing that I could write about that’s true that would be nearly as fantastical as what I could come up with if I just let my mind wander– I’m wondering, though, if I should rehash the idea from last year (the werewolf and her vampire lover) even though I know the idea of werewolves and vampires has been done to death at this point. I still feel it could be a solid story and wouldn’t turn into the useless drivel that most of them do if I applied myself. So it’s either that or something completely new, in which I have no ideas.

Perhaps magic? With Harry Potter having finished in the last few years and the movies now being complete, it feels as if there’s a definite lack of magic in the world of literature, even if it will continue to grow through the years as the series is passed down through the generations. While magic would be interesting, I also feel that the only way to keep it familiar would be to somewhat bite off the ideas of Rowling herself, and I have no intent on doing that.

I want to do something fresh and new, that speaks to me and will keep me interested in writing through the whole NaNoWriMo process. As much as I hate to ask, could anyone reading this help me spitball by throwing some ideas out there that I could perhaps build on– nothing concrete, just a theme– it would be highly appreciated. <3

Art Commissions.

I’m so excited right now but unable to actually get my head around the idea of waiting for commissions to actually be done. There’s a guy drawing me art for a character I’ve had him draw before. I just want to show this off even more than before, so hence the blog post.

Disheartener - Casual

Obviously, you can click for a full image. I’m absolutely blown away by his ability to draw and the prices he offers his pictures for.

Disheartener - Back Scar

Top 6 Couples: Animation

I’ve decided, after watching a movie last night I hadn’t watched in years and years, that I’d make a few top couples lists, based on a few criteria, and varying in number– this one will be based on the film being animated, but will not include Anime as that would make the subject far too big and far too hard to boil down to a nice Top List.

This can span from years and years ago, to recent animation, to stuff in between– whether Disney or not, CG or traditional, we’ll see how this list goes and see if anyone agrees with me, no? And soon to come in this series will be Anime, Game, and Television. :D

6. Shrek and Fiona (Shrek Series)

I know it seems a bit odd to start off with something so relatively new (even though the first film came out ages ago), but I honestly just can’t get over how awesome it is to see two Ogres in love and stuff– and how long it took Shrek to realise he’s a retard and his family is his adventure and all that. Honestly, I found it awkward that Fiona was so worried that Shrek would see she was an Ogre in the first film, like he’d find her unattractive because suddenly she looked like him. Yes, I realise the original premise was she didn’t want him to know she was an ogre so her new ‘husband’ wouldn’t find out, but honestly, you think she’d have been happy to have someone to share that with. All in all, the couple that almost wasn’t will always have a place in my heart.

5. Belle and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

Let me clarify this one by saying I do mean The Beast and not Prince what’s his name– I didn’t like him once he went all weird looking pretty boy (seriously, who finds that animated face attractive?) but was for some reason immensely attracted to his slowly developing concerned beast form. I think they, for better or worse, made a decent couple… well, if you overlook the whole part where he held her father prisoner and how the story was in no way like the original it was based on– regardless, I found them oddly endearing, especially the scene with the snowball fight. I don’t know what it is, but I like my men rough around the edges and sometimes a little hairy.

4. Hercules and Megara (Hercules)

I know, I know, it seems silly to put this on here considering the entire basis of the relationship was based on her being one of the first girls he ever really saw and her being the feminazi type of woman who tried to push him away and then betrayed him by working for his sworn enemy to bring him down– but hey, I’m a sucker for happy endings, and in the end that’s what they got. Meg may have started out all ‘I don’t need no man to keep me going’, but she did fall in love with him through trial and error and seeing how good his heart was, and even though his love seemed shallow at least he proved it by giving up godhood for her. Granted, the basis for this is completely different from what we’re shown, but not everyone can be totally historically factual, right?

3. Ariel and Eric (The Little Mermaid)

The Little Mermaid was one of my favourite movies as a little girl– I used to pretend to be Ariel while swimming in the pool and sing to myself, and so of course I had a crush on Eric even though he wasn’t exactly my dream boat– there was just something about him being my prince in shining armour that worked so well for me. It’s something about the way he fell for her even without the allure of her voice that makes things so appealing, and of course if you ignore the hit and miss accuracy from the original story, you find a rather lovely story all wrapped up in it to go along with their love. I don’t know, maybe it’s a childhood love I just can’t give up on.

2. Robin and Maid Marian (Robin Hood)

Robin and Maid Marian, oh sheesh, how do I even begin to start in on this one? I had an unhealthy love for that Fox growing up– I wanted a boy just like him; brave, daring, a little naughty, and utterly wrapped up with a delicious accent. My tastes have changed over the years as a whole, but a part of me is always going to be in love with the idea of my own Foxy Robin– it helps that his choice in woman is subtle in her power and grace, and never goes over the top with her need for rescuing. She has a way of taking care of herself, and I respect that, but everyone loves to be the damsel every now and again and Maid Marian is allowed that privilege with Robin every now and again, and it turns into one of those love stories I just want to see played out over and over again. :D

1. Dimitri and Anastasia (Anastasia)

This is the movie that started this post, to be honest. It’s the entire reason I decided I’d start doing this kind of thing again– I watched Anastasia and fell in love with Dimitri and Anastasia again. I just… I don’t know why I love it. It starts off awkward and grows into something real over time instead of the instant girl meets prince and falls madly in love within seconds type of deal. It’s intricate to the plot but not so overpowering that you wish it would just get out of the way and let the story take place. I love that kind of shit, and it’s obviously because it’s not a Disney production… I’m not bashing on Disney as a whole, a lot of the films on this list are Disney, but in the end it tends to be damsel in distress gets rescued and girl falls madly in love within an instant because he’s such a handsome guy– yet the ones I’ve chosen (with the exception of Ariel and Eric) seem to develop for other reasons. I suppose that speaks of my tastes as well as anything, and Dimitri and Anastasia are a perfect representation of that.

So there we have it, a peek into my mind and the way I fawn all over my beautiful couples– I plan to do more lists like this in the future, hopefully some about anime couples and other such things. People seem to enjoy reading those more than the other, yo.

My Top 5 Android Applications.

When my boyfriend got his Android for his birthday (which was March 17th, by the by), we spent hours just playing with it and slogging through apps for the fun of having a new phone and having stuff to play with it on. I, personally, have an undying love for touch screens now for no explicable reason other than the fact that they’re fun and make me feel like I’m from the future.

That being said, we found a few apps that were crap, a few that were just worth a laugh, and some that were good beyond recognition, and the list follows, including QR codes to scan right from your phone.

  • Barcode Scanner – As simple as it may seem, it becomes ridiculously useful for downloading apps straight to your phone by QR code. As much as it may suck for other things (as far as we’ve seen, at least… the EVO seems incapable of stopping its auto-focus long enough to work on real bar codes, but QRs scan fine which is the whole point).
  • StumbleUpon – If you’ve spent hours stumbling when you should be doing housework, homework, or any work period, then it’s something you kind of find yourself wanting regardless of what you use your phone for. Many countless hours and hours of battery life spent to see cats doing funny things on the internet right from your phone– who could want more?
  • Angry Birds – There are a million games like this on the internet– you shoot something across the screen and try to destroy towers. Some have variations where it’s just you and some explosives, but what they don’t have is the comical pull of Angry Birds and the plethora of birds in your arsenal with their ‘special skills’. I didn’t get the appeal at first, until of course I played it. Whether playing the full game or just the Seasonal version, Angry Birds provides hours of fun for minimal effect on your wallet.
  • Zedge – While it is possible to make your own ringtones and fiddle with things to personalise your Android, it’s not always something you feel like messing around with when you have a change of heart mid-ringtone, and that’s where Zedge comes in– boasting a large library of sounds and wallpapers, searchable and highly easy to install, this app provided a much needed break for my brain when Ezrik wanted Libera Me from Hell from Gurren Lagann as a ringtone, and it even inspired us to get the Firefly theme as his text message tone. At the high price of ‘free’, it seems like a good idea to have around in case of a want for something and too lazy to make it yourself.
  • Dolphin Browser – While using the built in browser, or even going so far as to download something else might be within the cards, I found Dolphin to be quick and easy, and with its easy to navigate format and multiple tabs, it made me highly excited– also, it supports the HD formatting that some do not. It’s a nice way to round out a basic set-up of useable apps for a new Android, or even some people just looking for a new browsing experience on their Android phone.

While they might not all be the most highly lovable or even high profile apps that some people are looking for, they’ve come kind of a staple of Ezrik’s phone (which he keeps calling mine, because I play with it so much), and are worth having on your phone, regardless of fads and changes in mood. At a later date I might explore the depths of other apps such as Google Goggles and Google Skymap, but we’ll see.