Trip Soon

I’m going to be on a plane next Saturday at around 7 am on my way back to Kentucky for about 10 days.  There are things that need to be done and sorted out before everything can even try to get back to any sense of normalcy, so that leaves me with some planning to do for the next week and a half on what I need to take, what I should prepare for, and what I should put on my tablet to keep me entertained on the plane.  I’m hoping it isn’t ridiculously hot on the plane like last time and that I don’t end up throwing up in my mouth and being so embarrassed I just hold it for like five minutes too.  I don’t know, I’m hoping things are a bit smoother, but considering the reasons for going I’m anticipating horrifyingly dire circumstances.  Much music and episodes of Samurai Flamenco need to be put on so that I can try not to get too wound up before I get there.  I wish I traveled better – if I got more exercise I’d be better off, that is apparently a thing.  If wishes were horses… I’d also be over this whatever is wrong with me – I’m sick and wish I had insurance (allred insurance burlington nc) so I could get some help before I leave, but hey.  Life’s a thing.

Late night thoughts.

Listening to the Adore album by the Smashing Pumpkins made me think about all the notions I had as a teenager about destiny, love, and what was meant to be.

I think I might have been more than just a romantic, I was an idiot to think that stumbling on a boy I used to emote throwing snowballs at was somehow a sign from the universe that we were in any way meant to be. It’s dumb, and I can’t believe how often I’d tell those lies to myself.

If it takes someone six plus years of your devotion while they fuck around to realise they love you, there’s a good chance they don’t… or if they did, they have for a while and kept you hanging anyway.

Having someone who is terrified, but says he’d rather leap than possibly miss the chance to be with me? That’s better than any romanticised notion of destiny to justify pining after someone for years. If he can’t easily say he loves you, or is in love with you yet, but is still wanting to be with you because he does care, does love even if it’s not full-on in love? That’s a man I’m willing to give my heart to, even if it gets broken, because I matter to him.

To all the boys mad at me for whatever reason? Now is my turn to be selfish. What I’m going through trumps yours. I’m sorry, fuck you… if your feelings matter more than me needing my friends right now? If your hurt feelings mean that much…? You didn’t care to begin with.

Rant over. Drea has a boyfriend and he’s wonderful. Ending on a positive note.

Sick as a dog.

I think because of how much I’ve been crying I’ve found a point when I am ridiculously sick. The back of my throat hurts so incredibly bad I’m not really sure what to do with it. I know I still need to make a difficult (always difficult, but always necessary) call later, but I’m trying to put it off for just a bit so that I don’t end up messing things up. I feel kind of like garbage and all I want to do is curl up into a ball and ignore absolutely everything, but that’s not really what is allowed right now, you know? Life’s weird… so’s death.

Love and Emotion.

You talk about things like they matter; you speak of love and companionship like you could ever fathom the loss of something that meant everything to you. You like to think you’ve got it all figured out, that one true love and how it should be, and how it’s always magic and perfect and you’re never angry and everything will always be smiles.

And then you watch someone lose the light of their life, you watch a man speak of a woman as if he didn’t just lose her, but lost his world. You hear him talk of her like she was an angel even though you know they often wanted to tear their own hair out in the company of one another. You understand then that all the love you have ever begun to feel in your life will never compare to what they had in their years together.

It gives you hope for an idea of love where someone can frustrate you, make you smile, drive you crazy, and still be the only thing that matters at the end of the day. You can go from screaming at each other, to sliding a hand across the space between to just touch the hand of someone you love and know that they love you too regardless of what happened a few hours, minutes, SECONDS previous to that.

I’ve seen the face of true love, and I’ve seen it broken… and it will never recover, there is a rift that will never be filled, but I will bridge it, I will hold him together because he needs me to.

So please, come at me again about what true love is so I can quash you.

Valentines Day

I hope that everyone had a grand one, I just know that Valentines will never again be a day of pushing half-assed greeting cards and plying people with chocolate. Not ever. Never again…