Bit of an odd request, but I wanted everyone to listen to and take a moment to understand this song, reflect on the people they love, and have some time to just… exist in a moment of pure musical enjoyment? I guess…


Over the next few days there’s going to be a dissonance in my posts, of things that need to be done, things I want to be done, and often just little music links that I need to post. It’ll likely all culminate in an explanation of why, or how I had to do these things. And really, really wish I had some sort of artistic or musical talent so I could create things outright to actually be able to fully express what I need to… So be prepared for things to be a bit wonky in the coming bits.

Blood pressure and health.

I crawled on tablet early tonight because I got dizzy. I’m almost 100% sure it has everything to do with my poor health and weight. Wake up call, maybe?

Also, Alice stabbed me with a push pin earlier, but only after she’d tried to run off with it. She didn’t mean to, I don’t think, but still, how the fuck did she get a push pin. Ugh.

That’s a problem

That awkward moment when everything is relatively okay and you’re so uncomfortable with the prospect of things being level that it makes you frantic — should anyone really be flaily when their life is okay? Other shoe, I see you there, go ahead and drop.

Think like a penguin


I spent a good half an hour laughing at this last night, because as a penguiny person, I can absolutely understand the internal dialogue in that penguin’s head.

Penguin: Huh, that’s pretty far down, maybe I’ll just go back.
*goes to turn… foot slips.*

Gonna go be penguiny in this corner over here.