Body Preferences – Female

Disclaimer: This post will contain women in their underwear, exposed thighs, and exposed parts of breasts.  If offended, please do not continue past the cut.

I’ve noticed something in the women I fancy looking at as far as slightly risque types of pictures go – I have no defined body type that I actually absolutely adore to the point of only wanting to see that.

Men and women often have types when it comes to these sorts of things.  Some men like their women curvy, as do some women; some men like their women thin, as do some women; some people like people with big nipples or small, and in the end they do have certain things they absolutely adore in every type of woman they look at – and while yes, I am focused on women today, I might do one on males later – and tend to lean towards looking at that type every time.

I find myself in an odd category of liking all of the above.  I say often that a really skinny girl who is skinny for the sake of it is not my type, and that still holds true, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the look of some thin, fit girls, or just thin girls in general.  I might speak of preferring curvy women – and that’s true to a degree – I still have models in my list that fall under other categories.

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Commissioned Art

Over the last month I’ve managed to slide quite a few new commissioned pieces, and honestly I feel like featuring them a bit here – it’s funny because I shifted online identities to avoid some stuff so they’re not even attached to my actual dA account, but I plan to, in the next few days, feature the artists, the pieces they did for me, and actually show off why I got these done and for whom I got them done for. I’m kind of hoping it helps bring some awareness and adds a bit more of that original content that people enjoy seeing so much in blogs like this.

But, as a teaser… how about I show you this…

click for larger image

I got Illyria done a while back in January, so she’s not exactly new art – hence perfect for a teaser. She was done by thetrainingartist@dA and it was kind of a happy piece for me. I love his pencil work and honestly find it fun to just sometimes let people run with things. 😀

In the next few days I will spam your faces off, be prepared.

What happened, Torrid?

Dear Torrid,
Hi, it’s me, I know we haven’t really spoken like ever, but I was wondering what happened to you? There was a time when you were the go to spot for girls who wanted Hot Topic like clothing but couldn’t fit into the XS sizing– somehow that’s changed, hasn’t it. It’s like you got a date to the prom with the Captain of the Football Team and decided that wearing Invader Zim’s Gir on your shirt didn’t look as good as it used to– you abandoned the style you thought you had and instead took on the guise of the Couture Girl who knows everything about how to make her fat as look good in those tailored Z. Cavaricci jeans and weirdly patterned top that just screams “I was going for a pirate look, but because it has sequins, it makes it fashionable.”

Believe me when I say I’m not the only one who misses the days when we could get Invader Zim, Anime, Manga, and Band merchandise from you– and I’m not just talking Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber (really, Torrid?), I’m talking bands that your sister store covers, but somehow you’ve got it in your head that every fat chick in the world wants to look as fashionable as possible, so you figure that 80$ vest is a better investment than a couple of comfortable, of size shirts with some characters we might have become familiar with and grown up with. What? You offer Hello Kitty stuff? That’s great! What about the rest of the spectrum of random ass cartoon characters we love and wouldn’t mind having around? I miss those days when I could look fashionable and still be myself by representing something that meant something to me, or means something to me.

I can barely even recall the early days before the site went all pink and your entire styling thoughts went towards High Class Fat Girl Boutique, but I assure you, I miss those days. Yes, I’ve seen you collection of corsets and mini-skirts– they’re very nice, and I do like their edge, but I still miss the shirts and comfortableness– it’d be awesome to get a super soft t-shirt in my size that extols my love for Five Finger Death Punch, or even Bullet for My Valentine (I know, guilty pleasure, right?), but somehow I’m stuck looking for men’s sizes at Hot Topic instead of getting that from you. Wasn’t that your original purpose? Or am I confusing you with another store?

We miss you, Torrid, please come back to us as you were meant to be in the beginning.

Andrea, and countless others.

My Top 5 Biggest Fears.

It happens a lot that people make these huge lists of things to want, to aspire to, or even things that they just think are nice– but today I’m going to do something a bit different, we’re going into the realm of DO NOT WANT here and touching up on some of my worst fears– there are some of them that might have images to elaborate and give some colour, but there are some that freak me out just by looking at them that won’t get images so you can suck it up and use google to your advantage.

These fears are going to range from the totally logical to the most completely weird things for someone to be afraid of, most likely– some of you won’t agree, or won’t even realise why they scare the bejesus out of me, but honestly, these are huge fears of mine. On to the list, non?

It’s worth a mention that Heights would have been on this list somewhere, but all of these out-shined that fear. Not that I’m any less terrified of them, just that these seem a) more interesting, and b) more terrifying and constant than heights themselves– I avoid heights, it’s easy.

5. Wasps

All right, don’t look at me like that. Wasp terrify me, and I’ll even go as far to say that anything that can fly and sting me will likely get me to scream like a girl and flee in terror– I honestly freak out to the point of nearly becoming paralysed with fear, but most of the time I’ll just run right over whoever is between me and the exit– I’m not proud of it, but I’ve nearly bowled my mother over to get away from a wasp, and that’s fear taking over, not something I’d normally do.

When you live in the middle of the country, like when I lived in Kentucky, Wasps are a problem during the summer, they latch onto houses and build nests in the eaves and stuff and invade your home. Twice I’ve known of wasps nests in that house that scared the crap out of me– in our old house in Kentucky they’d made a nest in my ceiling fan ((we’d taken it down to install a new one and never gotten around to it, so it was an open hole into the roof with wiring, apparently they like that)) and when we pulled down the posters on my wall to get ready to move into our new place, they were lined up on the wall like a little Nazi Wasp Army– I nearly peed myself and fled in terror. I don’t like them and I don’t want them near me, all right? All right. Just move if we’re in the same room as a wasp or yellow jacket or something.

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Short but Sweet: Lyrical Inspiration

            Staring at the sea
                        Will she come?
Is there hope for me
                  After all is said and done
Anything at any price
          All of this for you
All the spoils of a wasted life
All of this for you
            All the world has closed her eyes
Tired faith all worn and thin
         For all we could have done
And all that could have been

                                    Ocean pulls me close
            And whispers in my ear
The destiny I’ve chose
            All becoming clear
                     The currents have their say
The time is drawing near
   Washes me away
Makes me disappear

            I descend from grace
            In arms of undertow
                       I will take my place
                                    In the great below

            I can still feel you
                        Even so far away