Valentines Day

I hope that everyone had a grand one, I just know that Valentines will never again be a day of pushing half-assed greeting cards and plying people with chocolate. Not ever. Never again…


Dust devil swept you away.
It’s still not real.
Ash and urn and silence.
Talk to me.
Dust devil swept you away.
My recollections are all that’s left of you.
Swirl and sway.

Blood pressure and health.

I crawled on tablet early tonight because I got dizzy. I’m almost 100% sure it has everything to do with my poor health and weight. Wake up call, maybe?

Also, Alice stabbed me with a push pin earlier, but only after she’d tried to run off with it. She didn’t mean to, I don’t think, but still, how the fuck did she get a push pin. Ugh.

That’s a problem

That awkward moment when everything is relatively okay and you’re so uncomfortable with the prospect of things being level that it makes you frantic — should anyone really be flaily when their life is okay? Other shoe, I see you there, go ahead and drop.

Think like a penguin


I spent a good half an hour laughing at this last night, because as a penguiny person, I can absolutely understand the internal dialogue in that penguin’s head.

Penguin: Huh, that’s pretty far down, maybe I’ll just go back.
*goes to turn… foot slips.*

Gonna go be penguiny in this corner over here.