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Sometimes I feel at a bit of a loss on how to make things work in posts, and so I try very hard to find a point where I can share something music related and still somehow modify it into something that I can use in reference to something I need to do. So I find a song and I attach it, hoping that it draws a few people in so that they can enjoy music while being directed at useful things (yamaha np31 at musicians friend) and hopefully, at least in part, being somewhat interested in what I’ve written.

So utterly stuck in my head. I’m not even sure why, things seem to be relatively in the realm of going well. I don’t know, I think it’s just the overall feel of things rather than anything in particular (music interface) and that, in and of itself, is a bit startling. To be honest, I think I’m just in the mood for Three Days Grace – I get those moods every now and again and have to kind of work with them. It’s never quite clear to me why certain songs get to me, but they do.

Wrecking Ball

I’ve already posted about this elsewhere, but I’m kind of in love with Miley Cyrus’ new song, Wrecking Ball.  It’s catchy, lovely, and the girl has actual talent when she puts her mind to it.  I’ve heard things about the video being almost as bad as her VMA performance (which is still kind of a thing where I look at people like they’re ridiculous) but don’t really care about that in the end, because honestly, the song is good.

This brings me to a point I made a while ago about how people are calling her a whore or a slut for her VMA deal – the problem with this is she’s allowed to do what she wants with her body when she wants to, and I don’t recall anything every penetrating her on that stage so sex wasn’t even an issue.  It could be, at best, called risque and provocative, which is a thing that happens to girls in their 20s when they grew up in the spotlight as a sort of America’s sweetheart.

These things have been happening in music for years, but when Madonna did it a generation of girls stood up and cheered because in the end, it was an expression of one’s self and a showing of how powerful it is to take control of your own body.

Did those pants make her butt look awkward at times? Maybe, but if she felt good in them and she thought they looked good, it matters a hill of dicks what you think about it.

People like to make the argument that she’s ‘teaching our children’ these things.  No, she’s not, she’s not teaching your child anything.  It’s not her job to parent your children, it’s your job.  If you don’t want your children receiving that message don’t expose them to it, it’s not her job to stop being who she is so that you don’t have to explain to your children what you think their values should be.

“But Drea!” You’re saying, “She’s in the public eye! She should be more mindful of the kids that grew up with her still following her actions!”

Really? The kids that grew up with her were roughly her age too and are well towards adulthood – those who weren’t are young enough that you can explain the difference between a character and a person and show the division of line and let them choose whether they want to keep following her.  It’s not her job to shift who she is for you.

People have the same issue with Lady Gaga sometimes, but again self-expression does not negate the fact that she might genuinely be a good person.  You can hate on Gaga and Miley all you want, but if they’re out there doing good things, your shit counts for nothing because as long as they’re happy and doing what they feel is right… who cares what you think about them?

In closing, people who expect Miley to parent their children should also wonder the message they’re sending their children by saying “Hey, you shouldn’t do that because people will label you a slut and shit on you your entire life because that’s how society says it should be.” Because really…? That’s worse.

5 Evoking Fanmade Music Videos

Every now and again you’ll be browsing youtube, and you’ll see the official video for a song, or an ad that was done to fulfill some kind of spotted need, and you’ll wonder just how little time they spent on it, and if they really think that’s what people want to see or feel when their music is playing.

… and then there are the times when you stumble across a fanmade production that puts the original artist to shame, or brings to light a new, thought-evoking feeling to the song that you’ve always loved–sometimes it even makes you love a song you didn’t want to in the first place– and when such a thing happens, it’s nice to showcase it.

Whether from Anime Music Videos, Fan-made Mash-ups, or just a nod to an artist through a single piece of poetic videography, these are the’s top 5 fan-made music videos.

Vids after the jump

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