Chvrches – Recover

I have been more than a little addicted to this song. It’s starting to take over my brain and I’m attaching it to things in my head that aren’t even anything. Music speaks to me as much in my writing as anything else and this one is like… brain-glue.

Sometimes I feel at a bit of a loss on how to make things work in posts, and so I try very hard to find a point where I can share something music related and still somehow modify it into something that I can use in reference to something I need to do. So I find a song and I attach it, hoping that it draws a few people in so that they can enjoy music while being directed at useful things (yamaha np31 at musicians friend) and hopefully, at least in part, being somewhat interested in what I’ve written.

So utterly stuck in my head. I’m not even sure why, things seem to be relatively in the realm of going well. I don’t know, I think it’s just the overall feel of things rather than anything in particular (music interface) and that, in and of itself, is a bit startling. To be honest, I think I’m just in the mood for Three Days Grace – I get those moods every now and again and have to kind of work with them. It’s never quite clear to me why certain songs get to me, but they do.