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I’ve been in a bit of a dubstep mood (addictive drums at guitar center) of late, but still haven’t been listening to much. The merit of the genre as a whole is questionable, but some of the songs make me feel so incredibly good about certain things that I can’t help but get absorbed into that and feel a bit like maybe there is some merit to something that has absolutely no real contribution but to make people somewhat joyful.


Simon ate one of my earbuds the other day – not just chewed on the cord or anything but literally ate the tip off and the sound chip out of the thing! I found some that had been around the house here, after going through three pair that didn’t work, but now I’m thinking (akg k267 from musicians friend) I should be in the market for a new pair. I wish I could afford them but I’m saving up for gift and junk – ugh. Here’s hoping I find the money to make this investment.

Tablet Plug

So the plug-in to charge up my tablet will no longer stay in without some jury rigging and it feels a bit like I should purchase a new one, but I also can’t tell if maybe it’s the actual (cool combo amp speaker cable) port in the unit itself or that the plug is so bent and twisted, or maybe a combination of both? It’s unsettling.

songs in head

I get the most random songs stuck in my head lately, like Dungeon Dragon with Eminem and Nicki Minaj. I don’t understand the reason it keeps popping up in my head, but I’m hoping that sooner or later I can figure that out. A lot of JRock and classic rock (schecter s 1) as well, like I can’t seem to get these things out of my head.


One of the fun tasks I’ll have to help complete before I make it home is to help declutter and clean the house so that things are much easier on my father. Looking around this room alone I see a lava lamp that hasn’t worked since I was in my teens and is missing its base (exceptional black lights) and pieces to furniture we no longer even have. My mom was a packrat, and I get it from her… I miss her.