A friend of mine has a collage of anime flags that he wanted to add too, and found out that to get one that he wanted (in a supply and demand society) he’d have to spent about two-hundred dollars just to get it done.  I suggested to print his own using a company and have it shipped out that way, hoping that it would cut costs a bit (custom printing in new york) and may have saved him a ton of money and in the same time helped him fulfill his ‘quilt’ goal.

New Age

It’s often amazing how easily you can find the things you need, since the introduction of the internet and world wide web as a whole, things have become far easier to locate, from something as simple as a new pizza nearby or attorneys in downtown raleigh, you can find anything you want online and it’s a testament to how far we’ve come.  From yellow pages and large phone books to digital information that is so easily accessed by billions of people.

Unique Gifts

Being able to find something to fit the personality of the people around you, as well as their style, while still staying true to your own aesthetic and unique point of view is often hard.  Sometimes, though, you find something that seems to speak to you and you know sure as anything that it’ll also fit your friends and family (like these masonic rings, or something personal to your loved one) and you know that you’ve finally hit the jackpot of unique and functional!


One of the main perks of getting a house that is wholly yours, instead of renting or anything like that, is the notion that you can remodel bits of it to fit your style or your family at any given time (like using the tools found at and being able to know that you’re fully open to fixing the problems you find in your home.  You don’t feel tied to one thing and you don’t have to go through much of anyone to say that you wish to change our your cabinets or rewire things!


Leaving this winter is going to be a bit of a blow for the household, because sometimes it seems as if I’m the only one picking up after everything and keeping things tidy.  Really, they could use a service like that provided at, especially considering I won’t be around to help pick up the slack and keep things in order.  Maid service and concierge services may seem like luxuries, but in a house with a baby who is constantly cranky and going through her terrible twos, things would be a whole lot easier with a little help.