Dissecting Buffy: Band Candy

It has been a long time coming, but hopefully everyone’s on board with this. Here we go.

General Review

I think this has become a fan favourite episode just because of the development between Giles and Joyce– I think everyone had an odd attraction to those two as a couple– I know I did, I thought Giles and Joyce would have been awesome together, but alas, it was never to truly be. While the episode feels completely filler in its own way, it does develop the plot, at least in part, as it gives insight moreso into what the Mayor has planned, and what he’s about exactly.

Also, there’s the formidable reappearance of Ethan Rayne, who will be seen at least once more before disappearing from the series altogether– while most people see him as outwardly evil, I see him as what he is, a worshipper of chaos. If it’s chaotic, he loves it, it just so happens that evil tends to be more chaotic than good, at least as far as this series goes. That being said, I think he lends something to this episode that isn’t filled by anyone else- cowardice. Everything he does is for his own gain but the moment it seems like it’s going to fall apart, he’s out like a bandit, it’s kind of amusing in its own right.

Honestly, the entire episode reeks of a single, long-standing message- “Be careful what you wish for.” Buffy has her whole tirade about wanting to be treated more like an adult, and how she’s fully capable of managing herself, and soon finds herself one of the most ‘adult’ people within Sunnydale, faced with her own daily struggles (vampires, demons, etc), as well as trying to police her mother and the other so-called grown-ups. I mean, come on, it’s the very epitome of “be careful what you wish for” because most of us don’t realise exactly what we’re asking for when it happens, right?

All in all, a great episode, and one I don’t mind watching over and over, though sometimes it does feel like it’s dragging on just a bit– some parts feel completely filler and detract from the flow of the plot.

Score: B-

Memorable Quotes

Is it too late to join a tribe where they just pierce something or cut something off?” – Buffy

I’m a very delicate person.” – Mr. Trick

Actually, I’m looking forward to it. I do well on standardised tests. … What? I can’t have layers?” – Cordelia

We’re not in the band.”
And if I’d handed you a trombone, that would have been a problem, Summers” – Buffy and Snyder

Does anyone else wanna marry Ms. Barton?”
Get in line.” – Xander and Cordelia

Do you fancy it?” – Giles (love his weird accentness)

The Good and the Bad

Joyce and Giles as a whole, though parts felt a bit meh.
Buffy’s threatening to beat up Giles if he kept being a prick.
Buffy bouncing the ball off the wall and smacking Giles in the head. Totally lolable.
For some reason, I REALLY like Buffy’s outfit in the beginning of this episode during her training and shiz
Joyce’s very ‘Juice Newton’ coat.

Buffy’s determination to drive and being kind of bitchy. Honestly, bothers me that she’s glib about it.
Buffy’s driving ability period– I could have done without that whole Willow and she in the car scene
Buffy lying to both Giles and Joyce instead of just trying to be honest. Lies never get you anywhere
Buffy/Angel tormented wanna-be lovers thing. We get it already
Buffy’s hair. Why is it almost white in the front? Bad dye job, ergh.
Angel’s just mildly obnoxious for the little bit he’s in the episode.
How long it took them to figure out it was the chocolate. Wtf?

Interesting or Amusing Screencaps

Honestly, there wasn’t a lot in this episode that screamed out ‘Cap me!’, but I managed to get one that everyone should appreciate.

You cannot look at this image and refute it’s awesome. The kissing scene is one of the best, especially with Buffy storming by all doom and gloom and stopping short to watch her mom make out with her surrogate father. It’s awesomesauce.

Final Thoughts

I decided not to go ahead with my fashion dissection because it is being done, and being done amazingly and interestingly, but I honestly do think the episode holds up to the stand of time– while the fashion is dated and the cast looks wicked out of place for today’s interpretation of teenagers, I do feel that people can relate to it, regardless of those kinds of things.

In closing, I’d like to say that this is a rough draft of what I plan to do in the future with other episodes, just trying to get a feel for it.

2 thoughts on “Dissecting Buffy: Band Candy

  1. This is a great review, I hope you do more of them! I especially like the memorable quotes and the screen cap–Buffy watching Giles and Joyce is just priceless. I love Buffy–I’m currently rewatching the whole series!
    Denise last blogged about..Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

  2. I always loved when Buffy had these fun episodes. Something a bit different to the normal Buffy brooding.
    My favourite line is Snider’s “Summers, you drive like a spaz!” it was so fun to see Snider being stupid in a whole new way.
    Kalliste last blogged about..Where does it go

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