Essential World of Warcraft Add-ons.

If anyone here plays World of Warcraft, or might be trying to play it at some point in the future, I have a list of add-ons I honestly couldn’t live without, no matter what. I realise some of these will not apply to anyone, but there should be something for everyone– whether you like to raid or Role play, there’ll be something for everyone, or at least I hope. 😀

IRP- Continued

Download – For RPers, there’s always this wonder if there’s a way to put other notes about your description and such up, and that’s where add-ons like IRP come in– most people use MRP or RSP or some such program, but I tend to go with IRP because it’s light-weight and easy to use– it’s not as bloated as the others, and it’ll allow you to put in the information you want people to see, as well as a prename, last name, and ‘title’ to go beneath your name. All of this information will only be seen by others who have some form of RP add-on, but IRP is cross-compatible, so people with RSP and otherwise will be able to see your information. 🙂 It’s a must have if you plan to RP, at least in my opinion. Please do me a favour and if you use it, don’t put your life story or marital status in that description box, it’s for physical things– that’s why it’s a description box.


Download – Recount is essential for keeping ontop of your DPS numbers and adjusting what you’re doing to further your DPS output- it’s one of my favourite add-ons because it tends to motivate me to push myself further on my Rogue and just DPS my ass off. Most Raiding groups will be a bit iffy if you’re not pulling certain numbers, and they tend to run these kind of meters to figure out if you should continue running with them, so it’s good to have your own so you can adjust your numbers and make sure you’re as good as you can be for each raid. This doesn’t just apply to DPS, there is a meter that measures your healing done, as well as overheals ((which helps determine your mana conservation which is essential in long fights)), but I only use it for DPS as of right now.

NPCScan + NPCScan Overlay

Download – NPCScan requires you to delete a cache file in your WoW folder, so it might be a bit more for advanced users– there are many add-ons that do things similar, but I tend to prefer NPCScan because it gives less false positives, but it’s mostly meant for tracking Rare Spawns in various zones, and when coupled with NPCScan Overlay it can become essential to finding the one you want– as a rare spawn hunter it became a part of my add-on list recently, but I’d be lost without it.


Download – Bartender is kind of a new addition to my WoW gaming experience– I used to just use the default UI And deal with it, but for some reason I came upon Bartender and just learned to love it– it allows you full control over your action bars, stance bars, vehicle bars, and otherwise– its become kind of natural for me to use now. You can have a few bars in the center of your screen for your actions, just one, just two, all of them, or none of them– it really is up to you where you want you bars to be to function for /your/ needs. My general setup is three action bars towards the bottom center of my screen and all my extra bars set vertically off to the side, and that’s what works for me.

Bag Sort

Download – This might sound ridiculous, but Bag Sort makes me not go insane at people or things because it automatically sorts all the things into my bags into like categories– quest items, ore, etc. It’s a very simple add-on, as all you have to do is type /bagsort and all your stuff is sorted. Honestly, it really would make me insane if I didn’t have it, I have weird OCD-like issues with sorting things out into their proper places, and this makes it easier for me. Be careful using /banksort as it can totally mess up your way of organising your bank.


Download – With Bagnon you no longer have to sift through five diffrent bags just to find where something is, it makes a massive dummy bag that all your stuff is stored in, with the same number of slots as your individual bags combined– when applied with Bag Sort, this thing is ridiculously useful to anyone who likes ease of use– you can even search for things in your bag with the search command, and look at things in your alts bag. 🙂 I rarely use the function to see my alts stuff, but I’ve heard it can be very useful for finding mats and such that other alts might have in their banks or otherwise to save you from buying things you don’t really need.

Hear Kitty

Download – Hear Kitty is only really useful to Rogues and Feral Druids who have ‘combo points’– it plays a sound for each combo point you get, a different tone building up into a crescendo, sort of– I’ve gotten so used to it that I don’t even need to think about what I’m doing anymore– I hear a certain tone (either four or five points) and I’m hitting my Envenom. I don’t see too many people touting this thing as being amazing, but it truly is. I don’t have to keep track of my combo points now because I know what it sounds like. That, above anything else, is essential in my raiding experience.

Mik Scrolling Battle Text

Download – To replace the default Scrolling Combat Text that you get with WoW, I like to use Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text, as it allows you to customise the fonts and position of everything, as well as what you actually see– it gives me the feeling that I’m doing something far more epic than I probably am, and it keeps track of things for me– sometimes things go by too fast, but that happens with all combat texts. It will, however, give you indications on when to use things, like for me it’ll tell me to use a finishing move if I’ve hit 5 points (not that I need that because of Heart Kitty, but still). If you prefer the default battle text or another scrolling combat text, that’s fine. I’ve just come to like the style of MSBT.

Ackis Recipe List

Download – Wondering if you should run back to your Profession Trainer for a new skill when you’re doing up your professions? Wondering where to find a certain recipe that you’ve been dying for and when you can use it? Ackis Recipe List makes that all the more easy with its scanning of a profession and allowing you to scroll through a list of things you do not have and when you can get them, as well as where. It may seem completely simple and pfftable, but it’s essential for people running professions.

Titan Panel

Download – Titan Panel adds a bar on the top and bottom of your screen that not only helps with a separation of content, but it also houses useful information, such as money on hand, location, and otherwise. You can download several different additions to Titan Panel to make it more useful (such as tracking Money across the entire account and such), and generally it’s nice to put some things you like to fiddle with often on the bars so you can access them easily.


Download – While only useful if you’re at all into using Twitter, it can become essential to keeping friends up to date on what you’ve been doing in game– it will post automatically if you get an achievement or otherwise, and you can even set it to automatically upload and post Screenshots that you take during the day, all the while letting you keep up to date on your friends Tweets while in game (though it does have a slight delay). I don’t have many people who give a flip what I’m doing in WoW, but I like to feel accomplished so that’s why I use it.

Quartz Bars

Download – Quartz Bars replaces the default casting bars and swing timers with highly customisable and movable casting bars that you can position where you need– it also accounts for latency in your cast timer with a red bar, so you can begin casting your next spell or attack as soon as humanly possible without annoying button spamming. Highly useful. Technically way more useful for casters, but I still use it for myself because it helps me time my kicks sometimes. 😀

Atlas Loot

Download – Wondering what that Boss is going to be dropping for you? Curious as to how many marks or honour you need to get a new piece of gear that you wanted? Atlas Loot is freakin’ essential. I don’t care your class or play-style, being able to know what you can get from a dungeon before you go in is always useful, it also lets you plan and map out exactly what dungeons you need to run to get your gear all situated for further advancement, plus, it lets you try on pieces of gear to see how they’ll look, if that tickles your pickle.

Deadly Boss Mods

Download – If you raid, if you dungeon run, if you plan to tank or dps or heal, DBM is kind of required of most anyone going to run with you– if you don’t have it it’s likely you’ll be ridiculed because the damn thing is absolutely necessary for most fights. It posts warnings about things you need to run away from, things you need to be doing, and generally what a Boss is doing. If a Boss is about to cast an AOE and you’re in melee range, you’ll be told to run away, and you better do it– if a Boss is about to cast an interrupt on anyone attacking him, you might want to stop casting like it asks you– generally it’s useful for just about anything you can imagine when it comes to fighting Boss’s, and towards end-game content you’ll find that if you don’t have it, you’ll be eating floor more than anything else.

Quest Helper

Download – Blizzard has gotten around to installing their own quest helper type interface option, but I still prefer the original to theirs, because I’m so used to this one that it’s just awesome– I like the way you can minimise objectives, and I also appreciate being told the general location, though honestly I don’t even use that anymore as I can do most quests by memory– it’s still pretty essential to a beginning player, or even an old player who likes to have a reminder of what they’re doing. The quest objectives will move up the list as you get closer to where one can be completed, or its pieces picked up, so it ends up being kind of fun to have around for when you’re just running around aimlessly with your head up your bum.


That’s all I have for right now– I have many more add-ons to talk about but honestly I’ve been typing a lot of them for the last little while, and I think we’ve ended on a fairly decent number. There will likely be a part 2 in the future of other add-ons that might be useful to people, or that I just love for inexplicable reasons. 🙂 Hope it helps. >D

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  1. Da, Marie– these will help you get started smoothly and get a feel for things without too much trouble. 😀 they’re some of my favourites. I probably should have shifted this post into separate categories and stuff, but I was on a roll so I let it go. <3
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  2. Stephanie says:

    I’ve only just started playing WoW, thanks to my flatmate and a mutual friend who wanted me to start playing. I have some of these add-ons installed already but a few more definitely sound interesting.

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