yasunori mitsuda

There's a lot to be said about Yasunori Mitsuda, and since you're here, I'd imagine you know most of the more technical aspects, his albums, what he does (though I still may 'shrine' this up a bit more one day), as of right now it's best to go to his wiki for more of that information, including other informative stuff, while I try to wax poetic about the genius that is him.

I remember the first time I actually experienced Yasunori Mitsuda's music, I think I was in my early teens, playing Chrono Trigger and realised that that music was trumping everything I'd heard before. It elicited emotion that I didn't know game music could (except for my beloved Final Fantasy, at the time), and drew me into characters lives even more fully than I had with every RPG previous. Something about the Celtic influences and utter devotion of his style, as if he's writing pieces specifically for emotion, rather than mass producing. It feels as if he delves himself fully into the character, the fight, the scene, before writing for it.

It even comes out in Kirite the album he did with Masato Kato. The celtic, the pulling you in, the wanting to see more of the story just from the musical composition alone? The man is utter genius, and I'm glad to run his fanlisting once again. I was a previous owner a couple of years ago, and was surprised to see he hadn't been picked back up (or if he had, it he'd disappeared from the network again), and have since then regained my darling Maestro.

The man deserves your support, so join the list, and buy an album like Kirite and show his genius some love.