arucard and seras

yachiru? why?

A question that I can answer within a few words, or several long paragraphs. I'll probably end up covering both here. Asking why Yachiru is like asking why people love puppies, for one. She's adorable, she's spunky, she's spastic and unpredictable, she's psychotic at times and you just wonder if she's going to explode, and then wham she's so cute and heartfelt it rips your heart into itty pieces. That, in a nutshell, is my Kusajishi Yachiru I think that alone is enough to warrant a shrine, but is also stems back to roleplay (read: online textual roleplaying) I did years ago, where I played my best friend's (read: Matthew King. :D Hi Matt) character's daughter, Kyuukai. Kyuukai was basically just like Yachiru, only with blue hair and a pet wolf instead of a pet Zaraki. I mean down to a T, the insanity, the crazy amount of power in the tiny body. Everything. So as soon as I saw Yachiru in Bleach, I was hooked. She was my girl, my bread and butter, the apple of my eye, my cuppycake, my pumpyumpyumpkin, and I believe you get the idea. If you want to learn more about Yachiru beyond why I just chose her, head here.


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