So Ezrikâ??s Pokemon game, a game designed by those who went to college for graphic design, finally came, which is a huge plus because heâ??s been wanting it for ages. It said it was brand new and it was sealed in plastic but it had a game already saved on it, which ended up making him waste an hour playing through the first part before he realised you can’t just save over old data and you have to delete the data first– weird save issues for Pokemon Black/White and however many they’ve done like that before/since, but honestly, I’m just glad he has it now.

I ended up laying in bed while he played Pokemon and I played some Chrono Trigger. The funny part is I was going to play Xenogears but the part where you have to run fast enough down to Weltall before he gets sucked into the sand kept fucking me up, and every time you fail it shoots you back to the beginning and I get frustrated, so here we are. 🙁

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  1. YnnaRada says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. Playing kid’s game sometimes makes us exciting. Eve2n I plays their game too!

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