Ideas for Stories

Talen gave me a link to perhaps sell some of my words if I can get my head around that idea, and immediately a few ideas popped into my head but I’m not sure which are even meritable.

It was always the same. These last few crime scenes were always so disgustingly potent, blood seeping through carpets and into floors, leaving crimson stains along tiles, and making one wonder just how very much blood can be in a human body. But really, really the thing that was off-putting most of all were the black stains that marred the walls and ceilings, like sticky black call-signs that made not a lick of sense to anyone within the first response unit for the Police Department. Well, anyone but Aeri.

He could hear his heart pounding in his ears as he rounded the corner, the footfalls of whatever was following him made no kind of sense to him – one foot was heavier than the other and they… they sounded cloven. But no, that couldn’t be right. All he knew was that there was a fear creeping up from deep inside his gut that threatened to tear a scream free from his lips only to be strangled by his unwavering desire to NOT be found.

Th… There were others but they just melted out of my brain, ugh.

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