It’s funny, reading Talen’s blog all the time has me fully aware of the fact that I never have any ideas that I think are good enough to actually post. He writes these things that are insightful and actually really fun to read and somehow I end up sitting here staring at my own posts and wondering why anyone would give half a damn about them – and to be honest, I don’t think anyone does.

Whenever I think of something to write, somehow everything comes out all jumbled and all those compliments about how I’m a good writer seem to just fall apart in my hands. Maybe it’s the idea that I am a partial perfectionist and get really ooky about the idea of things not being perfect, even writing wise (this is also why I can’t draw for beans) and end up over-analysing, over-correcting, and generally butchering anything I think about writing.

Talen’s become kind of an inspiration in the fact that he can always think of something to write, even if it’s just a reminder of games that are on sale on Steam, or playing through his gamepile and writing about those – which I have a major issue with because by the end of the game I’ve forgotten anything useful I wanted to write and if I keep a notebook or something my immersion gets borked – so as far as wanting to do those types of writings I end up kind of fuckered in some respects.

I want to write more because I want people to give a damn about what I’m writing and what I think, not because I need them to, but it’d be nice to see comments crop up and people offering constructive criticism.

Talen went to correct some of the mistakes I’d made in some quick writing I did over at my writing blog and I ended up really embarrassed by it because… I wrote as quickly as I could because I knew if I thought too much on it and tried to correct myself I’d never finish – and while I wanted to go back through and edit it after, hitting post seemed a more likely thing to do. I really should just give someone access to that blog and allow them to polish my works a bit. Maybe Talen’ll want to in his off times, who knows!

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