Ezrik’s mom had this thing for a while where she was going to be a lawyer. She said she did most of her schooling to be a paralegal, but she’s not pursued it since then, and hasn’t finished it out. I imagine it’s going to be harder, given the baby, but maybe she’d be interested in being a litigation lawyer in the end? It’s something to think about, at least.

Commissioned Art

Over the last month I’ve managed to slide quite a few new commissioned pieces, and honestly I feel like featuring them a bit here – it’s funny because I shifted online identities to avoid some stuff so they’re not even attached to my actual dA account, but I plan to, in the next few days, feature the artists, the pieces they did for me, and actually show off why I got these done and for whom I got them done for. I’m kind of hoping it helps bring some awareness and adds a bit more of that original content that people enjoy seeing so much in blogs like this.

But, as a teaser… how about I show you this…

click for larger image

I got Illyria done a while back in January, so she’s not exactly new art – hence perfect for a teaser. She was done by thetrainingartist@dA and it was kind of a happy piece for me. I love his pencil work and honestly find it fun to just sometimes let people run with things. :D

In the next few days I will spam your faces off, be prepared.

Answering services

I’ve never had much of a use for answering services, let alone answering service at, but I feel that if I ever get my life on track it might be ridiculously useful to have something like that in my back pocket. I feel it makes someone feel a bit more professional and as if they’re dealing with adults and professionals as a whole.

My Dad

Father’s day is coming up and it has me thinking about my dad, and how he had such a ridiculous love for his truck that I can remember him spending hours outside working on it, I don’t think he ever got a aviation fuel flow meter, but I think he might have liked one. I know he’s getting to the point where he can’t spend nearly as much time outside working on his truck or mowing the lawn or doing the things he used to love to do, or loved to do AND felt obligated to do, but I know that beyond all else, my dad’s a great man who works his butt off for the people he loves.


The versatility of seaweed products is undeniable, and their benefits are almost world-renowned at this point. They’re good for the skin, the hair, the body, and I think even a little bit, the soul. It feels as if perhaps we should be more aware of the natural and sustainable products around us, more than the ones we have to derive from other sources, or craft in a lab? But these are just thoughts I have sometimes when I’m a little sickly and over tired!