Some things I understand incredibly well, while others tend to escape me.  I’ve mentioned before having a friend involved in engineering, but honestly some of these things, however simple they may seem, escape me.  I understand what hydraulic cylinders are, but I couldn’t tell you their true function if it would keep me alive. Sometimes I wish I had a better knowledge of these things so I could have conversations with him and actually make sense, but alas, I find myself lacking.

Wall Decorations

Somewhere down the line, perhaps when we’ve fully settled in, I want to do something with our walls. Like prints from deviantart, or something like josephine wall puzzles, and maybe something in between. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of alternative coverings for the walls, like those huge printed out posters that come in panels and what have you. I don’t know why, either. I once had the idea to break up old cds and use them to create a mosaic effect too. Maybe I’m just odd.

Borderlands 2

Through my first play through Borderlands 2, I didn’t really want to write about it. It felt kind of like a time for me to just zombie out and play through the game and enjoy it, but I think I’m going to document, over on, my second play through a bit. Not a whole lot, not every single bit, but interesting parts that I did the first time and want people to know about on the (much) harder True Vault Hunter Mode and such.

So that’s going to happen sometime soon. 😀 I’ll post snippets here and direct over to when I get these things going. <3

Free Trial of Nopalea

With the current trend towards natural remedies and the influx of chronic pain within the United States, it feels like everyone is always looking for a new way to treat themselves without running themselves into the ground with chemicals and other compounds that lead to detriment in the end.

In this time, they’ve found a new, all natural remedy for inflammation that can sometimes lead to help with pain and stress from other pressure. It’s found in nopalea, a drink formed from the Nopal cactus and other natural elements to help promote joint health, and helps with protecting cellular health.

At current, you can get a free sample of Nopalea just by calling their 1-800 number and paying the low price of $9.95 for shipping and handling and try it risk free. There’s really not a lot to lose to try out something that could naturally promote a pain free lifestyle and health and wellness all around.

Nutrients, as well as bioflavonoids, in Nopalea help your body neutralise its inner toxins and reduce its inflammation, helping with the stress of muscles, joint and body inflammation; reducing the inflammation associated with the respiratory system; heart health problems caused by artery inflammation; it also helps with digestive inflammation and general cell inflammation that causes stress to the body.

Free radicals – which are unstable molecules that are damaging to cells – and inflammation are often caused by the body’s exposure to toxins, trauma, nutrient deficiencies as well as stress, and a cell overwhelmed by inflammation may be damaged beyond repair, which sometimes causes the cell to prematurely die. In order to promote wellness, these damaged cells need to be removed from the body or they may become infected and cause further illness.

Taken orally, Nopalea can help expel the toxins from these damaged cells and thus promote regeneration of health and wellness in the body, while also protecting from future attacks from toxins which might once again bring down the overall health of your body.

While all of this is a lot to take in, a risk free trial of the beverage used to do all of these things still seems like it might be a good way to spend a few dollars – a low price to pay for possible relief from every day joint stress.


I know it’s a bit early yet, but with NaNoWriMo on the horizon I’ve already begun to formulate an outline, which if I recall correctly, is well within the rules of the whole thing. You’re allowed to have a solid outline of what you want done as long as you don’t do any real writing. So I’m going to be planning on that sometime soon.

We’ve also landed in Texas, and have been here for a few weeks almost, and though it feels a bit strange that it took me this long to post about it, I feel like things might work out better than we’d hoped. The weather is already brilliant, with having had a few days of rain in a row so far, and beyond that, the house we’re in has a lot of issues, but it’s a cute little house. I like it, at least.

Ezrik and I are still on our wonky path to recovery, but I think we’re doing better than we were in Yuma, possibly due in part to the fact that we’re not both miserably hot or cold (in his case) as we were before.

So there’s things on the horizon to be prepared for, and I should work on my outline for my NaNo story – here’s hoping it actually turns out decent enough to try and format and publish. 😀