Review: Ringer

While I don’t usually go out of my way to check out new shows on TV, I find myself compelled to watch those with Whedon Alumni, especially when they’re of the acting quality of Sarah Michell Gellar, so when her new show on the CW was announced, I was stoked (while not overly obsessive about waiting for it, it kind of slipped my mind a few times), Ringer.

Let me open by saying this type of show doesn’t usually pull me in all that well– it felt a bit disjointed, like they were trying to show a kind of progression that didn’t really progress, it was more of a flux of events that lead from one point to another in a convoluted time-line, but that’s not the half of it.

With Sarah Michelle Gellar as the star, playing a dual role of both Bridget and her somewhat more refined sister, Siobhan, you expect a certain level of class to come out of the show, and while it was in that way classy, it felt almost like they were trying to make it fit a bit of a mold that the CW has come to give its audience when it comes to these kind of dramas. A level of almost teenage angst woven through the hour long premiere.

The other players, such as Andrew Martin (Ioan Gruffudd), her sister’s husband, and Victor Machado (Nestor Carbonell), the cop trying to find her and keep her ‘safe’, felt almost dwarfed by Sarah Michelle Gellar’s presence, she seemed more at peace with her role than they did, or at least she felt more at home being the star. While I’m hoping the supporting cast will make their roles more assertive in the future, the way it was presented as of right now felt a bit forced.

I am all for a new role for our beloved Buffy, but as an avid fan of her alma matter, I find myself flinching and cringing each time she has to take a punch and flail around like a girl, like I’m waiting for my Slayer to come out and kick some ass, but it’s kind of a nice deviation from what I’m used to seeing her in (sans Veronika Decides to Die in which there was very little ‘fighting’ to begin with and I thought she shone brightest).

I think SMG said it best when she said:

It’s a true film noir, but a soap opera, but a suspense thriller… each character has a duality to them…

I’m hoping for things to pick up and seem a bit less forced here soon, but it might be a long show. It’s being recorded at the very least so I can give it a chance to live up to what I want from Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to television, and the cast that’s putting so much work into it.

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