Simulation Sickness

So, apparently, it turns out that I have something called Simulation sickness, which basically makes me get nauseated and motion sick while playing certain games that are in first-person view or even have weird camera motions. I can easily get sick off the motions in many games, including my current obsession Skyrim.

All I can think of is my scumbag brain right now laughing at me as it makes me love a game and then gives me a headache and nausea when I play it. I’m not sure why I was ‘blessed’ with something that makes me feel like death when I’m doing something I love so much.

I never exactly knew why it happened, but it happens in everything lately, especially Skyrim, Minecraft, and other games from that kind of view-point. It helps a bit for me to go into third-person for Skyrim, but I still end up getting sick after a couple of hours because of the shift in positioning and the camera scraping along my back and changing depth when I’m in a cave or something else. This used to happen in City of Heroes as well during cave missions and is the reason I couldn’t do them when I played– I’d sit at the start of the mission and make everyone else do work and feel terrible about it– but it was either that or I got really sick for a while.

Right now I’m tending to a small case of the sickness I got from playing Skyrim earlier (I only played for about an hour or so, don’t worry), but I kind of miss being able to marathon certain things. This might be why I gravitate towards games like World of Warcraft, or old school RPGs and the like– it lacks the ‘realism’ or angle that causes most Simulation Sickness.

Apparently, there is the option to take some medication used for motion sickness and the like to try and avert it, but dramamine makes one drowsy most of the time and we lack peppermints or anything like that. Besides, they don’t avert the headache.

It’s almost like I just took an eight hour flight and wasn’t hydrated at all (it has happened– only it wasn’t eight hours, it was like four hours and I wasn’t hydrated because I didn’t drink enough water back then and I had a headache so bad I wanted to die as well as nausea. It was miserable.)

Regardless of that, I’m not going to give up my games, but I definitely need to find a work around to this, considering every time I turn around I’m finding out I can’t play something I want to because of my ‘condition’.

8 thoughts on “Simulation Sickness

  1. Gloria C. Gallo says:

    Wow! I feel the same too! I thought first it’s because of my monitor but now I understand it is because of me. 🙁

    But when I playing DotA I don’t feel anything just fun 🙂
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  2. daniella says:

    Well, motion sickness is not a disease but from the mind. If a child has a mind to motion sickness when traveling then surely he would motion sickness, a kind of suggestion. So there is no medication or natural remedy that could to cure it.
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  3. Noémi says:

    I have the same problem! I’ve had this also with Morrowind and Oblivion and now again with Skyrim. Especially in caves and mountains. After four hours I have to stop. Sometimes earlier but I just keep playing till I have to stop. What helps for me a little is turning on al the lights in the room and taking breaks and drink tea. But I would love a real solution because If I have a day off I want to be able to play Skyrim all day:)
    Anyone any suggestions?

  4. CarmelaJones says:

    I think Simulation Sickness is not forbidden to a person posses it, There’s a way to overcome this. Just go on and focus on a great activities..
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  5. I realize your article is about game-induced simulation sickness, but if you have the same reaction to “shaky-camera” movies, then I invite you to Movie Hurl, a website I created for keeping track of movies that cause simulation sickness in many people.

    [self-plug: Yes, I’m the person who created Movie Hurl.]


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