Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

There are likely to be spoilers in this without perhaps me meaning to, so please read with caution if you have not a) read the book and/or b) seen the movie. Thank you.

All right, we’ve had these types of discussions before, over the Harry Potter films and their inability to properly follow the storyline of the book, and I understand still the idea that your movie is only based on the books, and that you’re allowed to take liberties, but I believe that with this newest installment of the whole ‘Based On’ argument, we’ll find just why I hate liberties.

Honestly, I just recently read the books, at least the ones I had on hand, and so when I heard about the movie I was incredibly happy– that being said, I had a qualm with the books in that they’re the oddest type I have ever read, because they start off strong, and dwindle towards the end so you’re willing to skip a few chapters just to see what happened, but I digress; the books were still quite amazing even in that.

They had that touch of Greek Mythology that you always want to see in books of that type, just hints at the reality of the mythos and peeks into the workings of its government and beasts. Honestly, when I first started watching the film within two minutes a huge red flag went up going, “DANGER, this is not the movie you want to see.” but still, I pressed on with hope.

Poseidon and Zeus’ meeting atop the Empire State Building was more or less just stupid, needless and set the theme for the rest of the movie. Yes, we get it, they think he stole the master bolt, but in the book they had no idea that Percy was that son of Poseidon, nor did Poseidon ‘build a cabin just for him’. Honestly, the entire thing made me want to stab someone in the face, because they took some of the most important points and raped them– it’s harsh, but it’s reality.

Percy’s fight with Annabeth during capture the flag, which was meant to be a fight between him and /someone else entirely/ was completely ridiculous– the fact that it sets a weird tone for his and Annabeth’s relationship is beyond the point when the whole point of that fight was showing that Poseidon was going to claim him– he didn’t know creeping towards the water would ‘heal’ him, he fell in a puddle and Poseidon was basically like “Fine, that’s it. Kick his ass, son.” and then he got claimed.

The LUKE STORYLINE, oh dear god do not even get me started on that as he a) lacked his scar, b) had his own cabin full of technology instead of just, you know, a cabin with a bunch of other kids from camp, his father’s and otherwise, and c) was just utterly ridiculous and unbelievable. They butchered the underlying storyline of how Luke hated the Gods, yes, they pointed that out, but the entire thing was that he was working to try and overthrow the Gods by bringing back Kronos. He’d been corrupted and had decided to help the Titan return to the world and wreak havoc.

Oh, did I mention Kronos isn’t even mentioned? They ruined the plausibility for follow-up stories unless they suddenly introduce Luke again going, “Oh, now I found this titan that I want to help, ‘kay?” No, no that’s not how it works. Annabeth never believed Luke was evil, even after he tried to kill Percy on his return to camp (which also didn’t happen in the damn movie).

Other things of note: They removed the scene where Ares shows up, Clarisse was not in it at all, they did not have the scene where they got Aphrodite’s scarf, the scene with the hotel was completely ridiculous and overdone and not at all as interesting as it was in the book, Percy Jackson looked like a fangirl’s dream of the 16-17 year old pretty boy instead of the 12-13 year old kid he was supposed to be, Annabeth didn’t look any older than him, Annabeth didn’t have her invisibility hat and had ‘never’ seen her mother somehow, Poseidon was the reason for the rule of Gods not being able to have (any) much contact with their children instead of the fact that the original treaty between the three brothers was so overpowered spawn didn’t affect the world as much, and… there’s just so many things they screwed up that I can’t get over it.

I went through this entire thing with the idea that if people had not read the books they’d be fine with the way the movie turned out, but anyone whose even skimmed the books will see some serious discrepancies with the story’s entire flow– that creating the problem that we’ve lost all thread of how the movies are going to go from here, if they even make sequel. You might think that’s a good thing as it’ll create fresh movies for us, something new to experience, but in the end we’ve lost interest in the story as a whole, or at least I have.

So utterly disappointed.

True Blood, again

Again there may be spoilers and such, read at your own risk.

So, I managed to again marathon watch True Blood and polish off Season 2 in record time (which had me up to 8 am), and actually quite enjoyed this season.

Honestly, I may have ended up liking it more than Season 1, if only because of Godric and the evolution of Eric’s character. I felt that season 1 had that intrigue, but it kind of dragged at points, like the development of characters was going too slowly to fully drag me in– I actually found myself refusing to go to sleep just to watch another episode, hence being up until 8 am one night just watching seven or eight episodes.

The fact that most of the season took place in a divided loyalty setting (with Sookie, Eric, Bill, and Jason off in Dallas, while Tara, Sam, and the rest were in Bon Temps), was actually rather intriguing to me, like somehow it added another flavour to the series to see how well these people did split up, without each other, how they managed without their polar halves. Seeing Jason develop into a somewhat competent man was quite enjoyable. 😀

Though, by far, my favourite part of the season was meeting Godric, and getting delved into that relationship between he and Eric– you learn so much about Eric in that season, and even though you feel like you want to slap him around for all the trickery, you do feel for him in losing Godric, the person who brought him to his new self, and the person who was /still/ teaching him even a thousand years later– it is obvious in many ways that Eric is absolutely and truly in love with his Maker (whereas Bill and Lorena are just like “nyeh”).

I can’t wait to see what comes of the new bond between Sookie and Eric, though I also have a bit of that worry that it might end up in more relationship drama with Sookie being a kind of faux-whore. It annoys me to no end that everytime she gets mad at Bill she starts looking at other people to kiss.

And oh, OH, this is a huge spoiler for the last episode so please do not read on if you don’t want to know, but Sookie pausing and having her own stupid drama after her beloved vampire lays his heart on the line and asks her to marry him and go to Vermont to see it done, and running off to the bathroom like a squealing girl to cry and think about her other options, only to realise what we all knew all along– that Bill is the only person she should ever want to spend her life with— and coming out to find him gone because of her indecision?! If she hadn’t left to cry to herself and be a sissy, she would have been there instead of him getting ninjaed off by silver chains.

The stuff with Maryann was relatively interesting at times, though I honestly didn’t feel that part of the season was all that tasty– I had high hopes for Maryann and got a bit let down by what it turned into– she ended up annoying me to no end and I sought to just see the end of her whole plot line and move on. Also, poor Eggs.

… Regardless, having to wait until June is probably going to kill me. 😐

True Blood, Season 1

Spoilers Ahead! Please read at your own risk, I’ll do my best to be vague but I doubt it’ll work well, thank you. ^^

So, I finally managed to catch up on True Blood, but only through Season 1— I can honestly say I enjoy the show, as I spent a marathon of like five hours watching each night for the last couple of nights until I’d caught up, and am going to start on Season 2 tonight.

Honestly, the only thing that truly bothers me thusfar is the way the fangs are. I have never in my life seen anything so ridiculous, but I guess it’s better than the stereotypical way it’s done that would probably never work in reality.

There’s also the fact that more often than not Sookie annoys the ever living hell out of me– I mean I understand her position and I enjoy her enthusiasm and shit but the girl needs to get her stuff together and make up her mind, instead of flitting between people to support her while having this whole ‘holier than thou, I can take care of myself’ attitude.

Bill, is of course, the atypical gentlemanly house-broken Vampire– which I appreciate. I like his down-home southern charm and all that goodness, even if his obsession with a girl who is about as smart as a box of hair kind of baffles me– but I guess that’s atypical too, looking at the women vampire men fall in love with.

Sam amuses me, but not to the point that I don’t want to hate him in so many ways. I love his little secret, as it makes me endeared to him more, but less so that he’s so judging of other people and what they do– honestly, dog, give it up. What the hell kind of person lies to their best friends then gets pissed that their other friend is completely honest about their feelings for someone they barely know (I loled, I know).

Jason Stackhouse is stupid and kind of attractive. That’s about it. 😐

Lafayette and Rene kind of round out my character profiling here, as I would seriously have melted into a puddle for Rene at any point (until those last few episodes when my brain started working clues and shit became clear) and Lafayette was probably the funniest, and most colourful member of that entire show, which is saying something when you’re surrounded by super powers.

Now, that’s kind of how I feel about the characters as a whole, but the overall plot (and the underlying stuff with Eric and his girlslave whose name I can’t recall) are much more interesting in my mind than all that, and I’m hoping that I’m going to be able to see more of them come this next season– that and Maryann gets a bit storytime since I think she’s completely evil and can’t wait to see how. 😀

I’ve ranted in a very weird way for a good few paragraphs here, but I’m going to step back and be a bit serious in saying that the obsession with True Blood is given, since the storyline and overall horror is something that we haven’t seen all that often (yes, Twilight has done the ‘oh god, I’m so in love with you even though I’m a housebroken vampire and you’re just a girl who’s extra special’ thing). I would really, however, love to see a female werewolf with a male vampire in a storyline– the female vampire fatale going after the ‘different’ werewolf has been done, as well as the male vampire who fawns all over the silly little girl. I want a strong, female wolf and a sexy male vampire— but that might just be transference. <3 Regardless, I'm kind of hoping things even out and we get more into the storyline beyond just the love relationship-- especially considering Bill's little house guest-- double squee.

Based on.

Today I think we’re going to discuss something that gets me rather irate, but only lately– movies that are ‘based on’ books. I used to be the first person to defend a movie-makers right to take liberties with a books adaptation to a movie. The first few Harry Potter films, for example, were not wholly true to the book, but still kept enough of it intact that you got the overall feel.

That is now true, however, for the latest in the Harry Potter franchise. Oh no, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince decided that it was high time for them to take everything good about the book, rip it clean, and make up some new story that absolutely makes no sense and doesn’t help set up anything.

I’ve already had issue in the past with the movies and the lack of the House Elf ideals and all that jazz. Hermione may have been insane with her campaign against House Elves being used for manual labour (as they seemed okay with this idea) but it would still be nice to see that set-up with Dobby and Kreacher in the films, as they were pivotal in a bunch of points.

That, I can look past, however– but in the new film, in the new film… (spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen the movie coming out on DVD today) they burn down the Weasley’s House, Harry and Ginny’s first kiss happens randomly in the room of requirement and their relationship is never touched up on after that, Harry drinks all the Felix Felicis himself instead of sharing it with his friends for their epic battle, and finally that battle never takes place– we see no development between Fleur and Bill and Bill being attacked by Fenrir, or the relationship between Tonks and Remus developing (instead it’s just thrown in there with a mousy Tonks calling Remus ‘sweetheart’ when he was nowhere near ready for that before the end of the book at all), and all in all… just /destroyed/ everything good about that book to make the movie… I don’t know what they were trying to make it but it just fell flat in every way possible.

The best scene, the best scene by far, was when Dumbledore went all fire on the Inferi, and saving the day– but even his death scene was lackluster, and they absolutely destroyed the beauty of it all by foregoing the funeral scene. We didn’t get to see the centaurs pay their respects, any of the teachers show up to show theirs, or even see Grawp and Hagrid having their bawl fest to show how far his ‘brother’ has come. No, instead we get some half-assed conversation between Harry, Hermione, and Ron where they realised they’re all going to be chasing after the Horcruxes instead of doing school next year. No conversation where Ginny tells Harry just how much he’s the man she thought he was, or no Harry trying to explain why he has to do this– no epic conversation where Harry tries to be the big man on campus only to realise later that his friends are not going to just let him walk. Nope, just a five minute conversation about how sad the death was, a glimpse of Fawkes, and then the end.

I cannot abide by that kind of liberty being taken with a story– I wish I could, but it’s ruined this series for me, at least movie wise. I understand leaving out a few bits in the sake of time and other such, but this was just blatant disregard for the narrative. The story is skewed for me and I’m not sure how the next film will be playing out for me.