My Muse

It’s been said and done, over and over, but nothing inspires me more than music. Yes, I realise that /everyone/ says that music is their muse, but I’ve found music to be the one thing in my life that never fails to inspire me into something.

I was trying to figure out how to mock up and code my own WordPress theme out of boredom, and my brain started to fry because apparently being sick plus trying to figure out coding and mocking up a layout equals me wanting to die– but lo and behold, music has pushed me past the point of wanting to face plant into the floor and actually make a post here, so music shall be my muse for today and what I shall try to elaborate on so it’s ‘interesting’.

There’s not a person in my life that can say I haven’t introduced them to some kind of band they ended up in love with or at least a song they found addictive– music is my life in almost every way, which leads me to wonder if it’s just a calling or perhaps a lot of people are the same way.

I can name people theme songs with a few minutes of talking to them (which might have something to do with my being a partial empath, which is a totally different kettle of fish altogether), and they say how well it fits with them. Though that’s not exactly what I want to get across today– instead I want to introduce some bands that might actually help make your life just a little more colourful, or perhaps even just a song from said band that’ll make it into your playlist and you’ll feel a little better having found it.

Yes, some of these bands and songs may be well known, some may be from bands only a few people have heard of, or a b-side that people don’t really pay attention to, that sort of thing, but we’ll find out.

  • Abney Park – Airship Pirate – One of my newest discoveries and perhaps one of the most catchy songs I have heard in a while. Something about the overall feel that gives it that kind of steampunky industrial feel that draws you in, especially if you like that sort of thing
  • Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog – Brand New Day – one of my favourite pieces from Joss Whedon’s three part webseries, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. I don’t know why it hits me, but I love Neil Patrick Harris and the way he makes it all work out. 😀
  • Lea Michelle – Defying Gravity (Glee) – If you haven’t watched Glee, you should probably be going to Hulu and watch some episodes, or start paying attention– regardless, this is one of my favourite pieces from the show thusfar, something about the way Lea manages to sing this piece actually made me /like/ her voice, whereas before I just kind of tolerated her. 😀
  • P!nk – Sober (AOL Sessions) – I realise P!nk is one of the most influential female singers of late, and this song off her latest album is just amazing, but the passion and feeling she puts into this version of Sober is just amazing. It shows me her level of talent and you can’t help but be floored emotionally.
  • Smashing Pumpkins – Set the Ray to Jerry – most people have at least heard of the Smashing Pumpkins, but very few have bothered to go out and get The Aeroplane Flies High, a collection of singles and b-sides that are just amazing. This is one of my favourites, and it showcases Billy Corgan’s talent. 😀

Those are five little bits and tastes of what is driving me up the wall musically lately, at least in a good way. I recently managed to get a hold of The Aeroplane Flies High, and could not be happier with the entire thing. I plan to make several more posts like these in the coming weeks, so hopefully I can bring people a little bit into my world. <3