Top 10 Hottest Actresses.

Let me preface this by saying that hot is subjective, and beyond that, I find substance and intelligence hot, as well as knowing how to carry yourself, so it’s likely that some of these names or faces won’t scream out at people in the way of “I’m a gorgeous little bimbo!” but they should at least speak to people on the level of “She has more than just one thing going for her.”

That being said, is proud to present its favourite/hottest Actresses!

Monica Bellucci

10. Very few women have managed to capture me in the way that Monica Bellucci has been able to– she manages to be graceful and elegant in any role she’s in, and I particularly liked her in Brotherhood of the Wolf , she was amazing and beautiful and through everything I found myself completely enamored with her.
For some reason it seems like she doesn’t get nearly enough credit as she should– I absolutely adore her and that’s apparent enough by her appearance on my list. Though she may be lacking in current roles, the question here isn’t about her ability to be current, but her ability to be timeless and gorgeous. She has the whole package– poise, intelligence, and style, all wrapped up in beauty. That is why she’s number 10 on my hottest actresses list, and why I feel you should check out more of what she has to offer.

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