Sciatica and Crying

Okay, those two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other– well, in theory they do as when my sciatica was really bad I was bawling like a child every ten minutes, but now it’s manageable– but I feel the need to cover my bases in this, as its been a while since I’ve posted, and part of that is because of my inability to actually focus for more than a few minutes.

On one hand we have the terrible pain that started in my back and is now localised to my left leg and is pretty much Sciatica, since it’s the only thing that describes the pain I’m feeling.  All in all, it’s making things nigh on impossible at times when I’m trying to get things done or just be upright and all that– really unfortunate as I have some websites to finish and I’ve got new games to play.  It’s an annoying pain, and at one point last week I was curled up in a ball crying after realising that I had to pee but not wanting to deal with the issue of getting up and hurting for an hour afterwards.  It was pretty terrible.

However, it has gotten a bit better, and my current wanting to cry comes from emotional issues that I’m not sure of.  Everything is setting me off, and I’m pretty sure my hormones are so out of whack I’m both equally likely to smack someone in the face as I am to cry at just seeing them.  And to avoid causing issues with people I care about, I’m avoiding most contact right now until I’m more settled in my position and my emotions are not wreaking havoc on me and everything I stand for.  As much as I hope that this corrects itself soon, I’m not sure it’s going to.  I suppose we’ll see.  I’ll just take some me time for now.