Legally Grey

Preface: This is in no way considered legal advice or even condoning anyone else doing these things, merely an opinion of one gamer on the ludicrous nature of how legality plays into these things.

There’s something to be said for things that are technically considered illegal but… shouldn’t be?

Emulation to me makes sense for games that are no longer in production, but as far as I’m aware of there is a legal line there that’s crossed when you go for it.  The problem is, some of the games I want to emulate I sure as hell own they just aren’t within arm’s reach right now and it makes it difficult to play the proper copy.

My biggest issue with the huffing about emulation is that most people who are going for emulation aren’t doing it for new games that are sitting on shelves in droves, but for games that don’t exist anymore or would cost a fortune from some private collector in which the dev’s would never see a penny for anyway.

Not to mention that, sometimes, filling the gaps you have had in a series will inspire you to pay money for new titles within that series coming out — such as me with the Tales games — and can sometimes inspire players who never got to futz with them before to fall in love with and end up building a collection of games and official merchandise around.

I do pay for games — and I really do, and have an active subscription at a rental service which also is fairly legal — but sometimes it’s impossible to find the games you want because of them being dated or the systems themselves being dated, and the idea that you don’t want people experiencing these masterpieces because you’re afraid you’ll miss out on some dough is ridiculous. The worst part being that most of the time it’s not even the developers causing these issues but the companies and resources they went through to get their game to the public.

That being said, if you do end up pulling some emulation out of your arse and end up enjoying it, do try to buy some merchandise or the game itself, for the sake of the company continuing to make games, and in the case of failed series/halted series or companies that no longer exist… write a review and let ’em know what they did do was appreciated.  Even if it’s just a little something.

… I want more Suikoden games.

Gaming & Things I’ve Missed

I finally returned Persona Q since I hadn’t touched it in months and it was just costing me 16 bucks a month to just sort of have it there in case I got the urge.  It’s not that I didn’t like it, but in the end it felt sort of very boxed in and I got bored with the grind.  That being said, I will always love a game that lets me draw my own map (I’m looking at you Etrian.)

That being said, most of the games I’m getting from GameFly aren’t even for my PS4 (which my dad got me for Christmas and is a lovely thing but lesbionest the amount of suitable RPGs that won’t make me hurk from simulation sickness are slim.) Right now, I’m waiting for Majora’s Mask to show up, which leads me to a confession…

While I’ve been gaming for like… 25 years or some shit like that, there were dark periods in my gaming education in which I couldn’t afford a new system or game and fell behind on what was considered tops at the time.

I never played Majora’s Mask before this.

And that goes for most of the Zelda games in that general era.  Not for lack of desire or anything like that, but simply because I didn’t have the system or couldn’t afford them.

Some games never got to fall by the wayside because of my obsession — Suikoden chief among them, which any of you who actually know me is one of my favourite series ever — but Zelda, the Tales series, and things like that have spotty positions in my history.

I realise it’s a bit taboo (and possibly illegal — shit ) to talk about emulation, but I have managed to get Dolphin to work and emulate Tales of Symphonia, which I never played when it was new, but am enjoying playing now… but it makes me feel sort of embarrassed.

I have, in the past, given shit to people who try to give me shit for being a ‘girl gamer’ — a distinction I’m not happy with anyway because my tits have nothing to do with gaming — and try to question my status, as it were.  I understand there are these splotchy periods for everyone, but if you’re calling me an attention whore who doesn’t really know games when that’s not really the truth… I might get a bit cunty at you and that’s just how it is; it’s not you, it’s me, really.

But in all seriousness, the things I’ve missed have always been a sort of annoyance for me, because I do want to play these things an experience them… now that they’re doing the remakes for the 3DS it’s becoming easier for me, and if I could get a NEW 3DS and play those, it’d be even better… but they come in stages.  I’m lucky to have what I have and am not going to start getting overtly greedy.

So as it stands, yes, I haven’t played the majority of the newer Zelda games, but I’m sort of working on and am eager to actually have something to say about them, whether positive or not.

Majora’s Mask should be here tomorrow, mail willing.

Top 3 Saddest RPG Deaths

More often than not I find myself saddened over a character in a game dying more than I do in movies or anything like that– I somehow feel connected to the characters I’m playing more than I do the people I’m watching act out what they were told, in a way. I find myself incredibly attached to the characters in my party, and sometimes I’m not sure how long they’ll be around. Some I can do without, but some it just kills me to lose… and sometimes, a character death is portrayed in such a way that you just can’t help but feel a little heartbroken, or a lot heartbroken as the case may be for me, over their untimely demise.

I’ve decided to countdown my top 3 RPG deaths from several game series– some games may repeat, but never the same game, just a game from said series. Trust me when I say that these are the ones that kill me the most. This is very spoiler heavy so if you haven’t played Suikoden, Suikoden V, or Wild ARMs please do not read further. You have been warned. (sorry if you came by direct post, the jump from this warning to the first ‘spoiler’ is kind of lame.)

If you understand, dive right in