Veronica Mars

Netflix has allowed me a crazy lot of leverage in watching shows I always wanted to, but could never get around to at the time they were on originally, such as Veronica Mars, and through the first couple of seasons I couldn’t understand why anyone would feel the need to cancel the show.

The cast was strong, the characters were quirky, loveable, and (sometimes) easily hated– you found something in everyone that made them at least compelling characters, and the story line itself felt like it at least had threads of continuity, even as seasons passed. I couldn’t understand why anyone would feel the need to cancel something with that much potential, but honestly, I kind of understand it now– it’s no one’s fault, really. Well, that’s not true, there is someone at fault…

… Don’t look so innocent there, guys. You know it’s all your fault. The relationship of Veronica and Piz was forced, it was shallow, and it was ridiculously too sugary for me. I get it, boy likes girl on first day of meeting and after a few times hanging around her wants to be with her. Guy pines over girl who doesn’t see him. Girl finally sees him after breaking up with the boy who would actually die for her. They hold hands– it’s cute, sweet, and completely boring. I hated Piz as a character from the start, something about him just drips with cliche and it’s… obnoxious. As soon as they officially got together I lost most of my interest in the show… I went from watching several episodes a day to none. I didn’t even finish the last few episodes because I’m not sure if I can handle anymore of the VePiz action.

It’s funny to me that there are only a few episodes after their official shift towards dating… it makes sense to me, though… I wouldn’t want to continue on watching those two. I’m a hardcore VeGan fan. Veronica and Logan had the tragedy I like to see in my love stories– I hated Logan the first time I met him, but through two seasons he grew on me as the guy that she really should invest in. He may have lost his way a few times, but what boy doesn’t? Keith’s reaction to Piz reading actual books instead of ‘just being into surfing’ is kind of retarded. I’ve never seen any of Veronica’s other boys as ignorant… they enjoy surfing, it doesn’t mean they lack any kind of intellect. Just because they don’t read books by people Keith has never heard of doesn’t make them less worthy of Veronica– sheesh.

Towards the end of season three, they just lost that thread that made Veronica as good as she was, and Piz helped kill that… I’m honestly glad I didn’t have to watch anymore– if they had revived it I would have boycotted unless I could get past the Piz/Veronic stuff and well into the drama of the finale– maybe Piz would have died… mm, there’s a thought.

I still recommend, at the very least, watching the first couple of seasons of Veronica Mars– and even the beginning of Season 3 has its merits, but… hey, maybe you’ll like Piz more than I do…

Top 10 Hottest Actresses.

Let me preface this by saying that hot is subjective, and beyond that, I find substance and intelligence hot, as well as knowing how to carry yourself, so it’s likely that some of these names or faces won’t scream out at people in the way of “I’m a gorgeous little bimbo!” but they should at least speak to people on the level of “She has more than just one thing going for her.”

That being said, is proud to present its favourite/hottest Actresses!

Monica Bellucci

10. Very few women have managed to capture me in the way that Monica Bellucci has been able to– she manages to be graceful and elegant in any role she’s in, and I particularly liked her in Brotherhood of the Wolf , she was amazing and beautiful and through everything I found myself completely enamored with her.
For some reason it seems like she doesn’t get nearly enough credit as she should– I absolutely adore her and that’s apparent enough by her appearance on my list. Though she may be lacking in current roles, the question here isn’t about her ability to be current, but her ability to be timeless and gorgeous. She has the whole package– poise, intelligence, and style, all wrapped up in beauty. That is why she’s number 10 on my hottest actresses list, and why I feel you should check out more of what she has to offer.

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I recently went on a binge of watching episodes of Weeds and managed to polish off the entire series– it’s funny because I started watching it when it first came out and just lost track of myself, and it, after a point– so basically I just caught up on five seasons of Mrs. Botwin and her dealings.

I really, really enjoy the show as a whole, it entices me in ways I can’t explain because even though I don’t, personally, have any investment in the idea of marijuana or anything of the sort, I find the inner-workings of the whole thing kind of interesting– the way she tries to convince herself she’s not doing anything too bad because she has to provide for her family, when a normal job isn’t exactly all that out of the question (especially after they moved to Ren Mar and she didn’t have the McHouse to pay for anymore, I mean c’mon.)

I am, however, a bit put off by the fact that the woman seems to want to sleep with everything. When the show first started and she seemed to have this gung-ho, “I can’t get off without my husband and he’s dead so I’m going to be a miserable old shrew” attitude… I could kind of relate with it, but somehow her newfound “Sex is my power and I’m going to use it at every turn even though it makes me seem kind of cheap and trampy to /everyone/.” point of view leaves a bad taste in my mouth, if only because the woman doesn’t seem to have any moral compass of what’s right and wrong.

I realise saying that will raise a debate about the definition of right and wrong, but I do believe having sex with a drug Kingpin just because you needed to have a little more power in your inner circle of drug workings is not at all moral, nor is it being done for her children. If she wanted to have sex with the man because it was just sex, and it was detached, and it wasn’t going to completely eff up her life, fine… that I can deal with, but somehow this thought process she runs is that as long as she’s sleeping with someone on the inside she will always be in the know– she will /always/ be on top.

She has this ability to complain about the workings of her life as if they are somehow out of her control. No one has ever forced her to do any of the things that have led to her subsequent downfall, and the corruption of her children, but her. She wanted the easy way out and loss the moral high ground about five seasons back. I understand doing what you must to provide for your family, but sooner or later you’re just being a greedy little bitch about everything.

That being said, the show is still amazing– it has enough to draw you in and keep you on board (like this last season’s finale, eee), which leads me to wonder just how everything is going to pan out. You learn to miss Conrad and Agrestic, but things seem a bit less annoying by Season 5. The woman’s been married three times in the last five years, two have died, one could die next season, her middle son is a complete sociopath, her eldest has no bone in his head to tell him when to stop, and her baby is barely being mentioned anymore (it’s kind of sad that he was a gimmick that got tossed). Her friends are all devoid of any ability to manage their own lives as well– the new drug cartel (I laugh) of Celia, Doug, Sanjay, that one guy whose name I don’t remember, Dean, and Isabelle, is just… going to be ridiculously slapsticky, I think. Also, wondering where the hell Andy ran off to, leaving his pseudo-fiance with a psychopath– I’m working under the delusion that he went to get help and wasn’t just bailing. I’m kind of hoping they pick up the ball and run with it, though, because honestly… the show has so much potential and needs to be expressed.

All in all, I’d say the series is at least worth a watch, because the acting involved is rather up there the scale, and everything seems to have a kind of… leaning towards greatness.

True Blood, Season 1

Spoilers Ahead! Please read at your own risk, I’ll do my best to be vague but I doubt it’ll work well, thank you. ^^

So, I finally managed to catch up on True Blood, but only through Season 1— I can honestly say I enjoy the show, as I spent a marathon of like five hours watching each night for the last couple of nights until I’d caught up, and am going to start on Season 2 tonight.

Honestly, the only thing that truly bothers me thusfar is the way the fangs are. I have never in my life seen anything so ridiculous, but I guess it’s better than the stereotypical way it’s done that would probably never work in reality.

There’s also the fact that more often than not Sookie annoys the ever living hell out of me– I mean I understand her position and I enjoy her enthusiasm and shit but the girl needs to get her stuff together and make up her mind, instead of flitting between people to support her while having this whole ‘holier than thou, I can take care of myself’ attitude.

Bill, is of course, the atypical gentlemanly house-broken Vampire– which I appreciate. I like his down-home southern charm and all that goodness, even if his obsession with a girl who is about as smart as a box of hair kind of baffles me– but I guess that’s atypical too, looking at the women vampire men fall in love with.

Sam amuses me, but not to the point that I don’t want to hate him in so many ways. I love his little secret, as it makes me endeared to him more, but less so that he’s so judging of other people and what they do– honestly, dog, give it up. What the hell kind of person lies to their best friends then gets pissed that their other friend is completely honest about their feelings for someone they barely know (I loled, I know).

Jason Stackhouse is stupid and kind of attractive. That’s about it. 😐

Lafayette and Rene kind of round out my character profiling here, as I would seriously have melted into a puddle for Rene at any point (until those last few episodes when my brain started working clues and shit became clear) and Lafayette was probably the funniest, and most colourful member of that entire show, which is saying something when you’re surrounded by super powers.

Now, that’s kind of how I feel about the characters as a whole, but the overall plot (and the underlying stuff with Eric and his girlslave whose name I can’t recall) are much more interesting in my mind than all that, and I’m hoping that I’m going to be able to see more of them come this next season– that and Maryann gets a bit storytime since I think she’s completely evil and can’t wait to see how. 😀

I’ve ranted in a very weird way for a good few paragraphs here, but I’m going to step back and be a bit serious in saying that the obsession with True Blood is given, since the storyline and overall horror is something that we haven’t seen all that often (yes, Twilight has done the ‘oh god, I’m so in love with you even though I’m a housebroken vampire and you’re just a girl who’s extra special’ thing). I would really, however, love to see a female werewolf with a male vampire in a storyline– the female vampire fatale going after the ‘different’ werewolf has been done, as well as the male vampire who fawns all over the silly little girl. I want a strong, female wolf and a sexy male vampire— but that might just be transference. <3 Regardless, I'm kind of hoping things even out and we get more into the storyline beyond just the love relationship-- especially considering Bill's little house guest-- double squee.

Fox and Failure.

So it’s no stranger to anyone how much Fox Broadcasting fails at keeping certain shows that /we/ think are amazing in the loop of things, but you have to wonder why they do it. I understand that some shows may not be getting the ratings they want, but ratings are a funny thing these days, TiVo accounts for most of people’s ability to watch these days.

We’ve become a society of people who watch TV online and at our leisure when recorded by our DVR, not every night religiously as the technology has come along that allows us to have that kind of freedom, to have broken the mould of times past where you’d miss the first five minutes of your favourite show because you were running late from work or school and find yourself immensely depressed until reruns came on that summer.

We have the freedom to watch what we want and enjoy things as they are– Dollhouse had a fanbase, that much is evident by the outcry at its being cancelled. Joss Whedon rarely makes a show that doesn’t have some kind of following because the man puts his heart and soul into things– but it isn’t just Dollhouse. I wonder if Glee will end up surviving the Fox axe, though it’s rating skyrocket far above those garnered by the Whedon show, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe, either.

Fox isn’t all bad, as Glee has survive thus far, and shows like Bones and Fringe are still around, but over the years Fox has seen many bad choices in its renewals and cancellations. The short-lived action-drama starring Nathan Fillion, Drive— the original cancellation of Family Guy (which was rectified later on by it being brought back and honestly, having much more leeway in what they would allow Seth MacFarlane to do. But possibly their biggest, most recently failure in the eyes of their watchers was the misguided placement of Firefly‘s timeslot, the out of sequence episodes, and subsequent cancellation.

Perhaps, though, we can see a pattern through their cancellations, that they seem mostly to be ‘racy’ or Sci-Fi shows that get kicked most often. But other shows that are not nearly as entertaining and might just be on in the background in some people’s homes survive.

You think, perhaps, that Fox would have learned from that and not take such a stance with Dollhouse, given the amount of revenue they could have garnered with Firefly merchandising and DVD sales over the years, but apparently we’re not exactly that lucky.

It makes me wonder, however, if other Networks plan to take the same stance– will shows I love be thrown to the floor because people don’t sit at home on a Friday night (or Wednesday, or Thursday, or any day of the week) glued to their TV in hopes of seeing a scant glimpse of their preferred show? Will I lose Cougar Town, and Modern Family? Here’s hoping not.