Top 3 Saddest RPG Deaths

More often than not I find myself saddened over a character in a game dying more than I do in movies or anything like that– I somehow feel connected to the characters I’m playing more than I do the people I’m watching act out what they were told, in a way. I find myself incredibly attached to the characters in my party, and sometimes I’m not sure how long they’ll be around. Some I can do without, but some it just kills me to lose… and sometimes, a character death is portrayed in such a way that you just can’t help but feel a little heartbroken, or a lot heartbroken as the case may be for me, over their untimely demise.

I’ve decided to countdown my top 3 RPG deaths from several game series– some games may repeat, but never the same game, just a game from said series. Trust me when I say that these are the ones that kill me the most. This is very spoiler heavy so if you haven’t played Suikoden, Suikoden V, or Wild ARMs please do not read further. You have been warned. (sorry if you came by direct post, the jump from this warning to the first ‘spoiler’ is kind of lame.)

Suikoden – Gremio

You have no idea the amount of sadness this one brings to me. Gremio’s death is by far one of the saddest things I ever experienced in my early RPG years. There’s something completely messed up about listening to a man proclaim how much he cares for you and how much he enjoyed being there for you while he’s being eaten alive by some pansy’s man-eating spores. I can’t imagine how that must have felt standing outside the doors and stuff, and I broke down crying the first time, and to this day I have a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to want to a) cry at this and b) kill Milich, but alas, I need to leave the douche alive so I can get my Gremio back. Damn you game and your making me be a good person. If I could have chosen two from the same game we’d have ended up with Black’s death on this list as well. Seriously, crying times.

Also, bonus round, epic bad grammar engrish all up in my game.

My face when this scene comes up pretty much matches Tir’s to a T.

Suikoden V – Arshtat and Ferid

A single image could not convey how much this breaks my heart– just hearing the start of this little scene starts to make me weepy like a little girl. I suggest watching it in 480p so it seems less crappy, but all in all the feeling comes over fine. Yes, I realise the American voice acting is beyond terrible, but even with that it does something to me that I can’t explain. The expression on her face as it happens and the way she stares at him intently as he mouths some words to her (I like to think it’s “I love you.” but hey, who knows,) just makes me incredibly happy and sad at the same time. It breaks my heart, and I like to believe that if I ever accidentally killed someone I loved that much that I’d go berserk and nearly destroy an entire country before some hot as hell Samurai dude stabbed me and finished it before it started. Honestly, reigns as one of the ones I will always cry at.

Wild ARMs – Rudy Roughnight

While less of a death scene and more of a ‘scene that rocks my socks’, it does involve a bit of loss in a way that you aren’t expecting. The video is an AMV but it’s really hard to find clips of this scene– especially the original, as this one is from the remake and oddly, decidedly less awesome– but it starts at about 2 minutes and 20 seconds in. The fact of the matter is, everyone treats Rudy like shit and yet still he’d sacrifice a large part of himself just to keep the world safe. And in the original you are kind of led to believe that he’s gone forever after the severing of his arm, and finding out that the boy isn’t exactly real in the strictest sense of the world. While it may not be a death of a character, it’s the death of an idea of a character, and what rises after that is a hero who totally rocks my socks.

I realise the list is small, but lets be totally honest here in saying that it’s hard to find deaths in RPGs that make me truly sad. There are points where I get a bit sadface, but it’s hard to really make me cry– sometimes it works out, though, and then you end up with this list here. A short, but powerful, three ‘deaths’ in games that make me feel something and are part of the reason why these games became such favourites of mine.

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