Underrated Bands Series: Poets of the Fall.

I’ve spoken previously about how I’m going to post about some underrated bands, but I’ve decided that instead of doing one gigantic post of bands that should get more attention, I’m going to span it across a bit and give you one every now and again– and try to encourage you to get out there and experience the bands– they are worth your time.

Today our focus is Poets of the Fall, because honestly the band doesn’t get nearly the recognition they deserve, and I believe that more people should be immersed in the awesome that is the band.

I’m not good at explaining myself or my choices, or even totally verbalising just how awesome something is– I always feel like my thoughts are jumbled, and things come out a bit less clear than I’d like them, but I want to say this outright from the start, even if I do not make sense while explaining this, go out, listen to this band, and make your own decision on their greatness.

First of all, Poets of the Fall aren’t like any other band I’ve ever heard, while they dip into a style that is reminiscent of The Fray, and sometimes deviate towards a more power chord type of feel, they never seem to be exactly like any band I have ever listened to. The vocals, the music, the passion behind every lyric, it all culminates in a magnificent musical experience that cannot be replicated by any other band.

The first song I ever heard by this band featured Maarko singings so beautifully and so painfully passionately that I was floored in an instant, and that coupled with the music has helped make Carnival of Rust one of my favourite songs to this day– there is no song so passionate about the complete suffocation that love can make you feel than this one. It makes me feel like my entire body is weightless, and that I am merely wrapped in the melody, floating along in a dance– poetically sappy? Yes. True? Also yes.

Most people who I’ve introduced to Poets of the Fall have been introduced through that song, and from there I let them devour what they wanted and gave them doses in between of new songs I’d fallen in love with. I’ve never had a single person I’ve introduced to the band tell me that they’re horrible, that they’re not good, or that their music is terrible– not once… they all fall in love with them and end up being fans, because honestly Maarko has one of the most interesting and beautiful voices in music today.

If you want to hear heart-wrenching, beautiful love songs, I’d suggest All The Way 4 U (( yes, I’m still mad at the grammar)), Carnival of Rust, Fragile, Dawn and Sleep. For something with a bit more of a beat to it that makes you feel motivated, I’d suggested Miss Impossible, Passion Colours Everything, or Locking Up the Sun. It’s up to you, however, to go through songs and pick out what you like, what you find beautiful about them, and relate to your life.

Above all else, please help and support the artist by buying some of their songs from iTunes or Amazon.

Again, I implore you to realise that while I may be scatter-brained and not pontificate in the way that most do, I love this band to the point that I am begging you to go experience some of their music and come back here to tell me what you think. If you’re already a fan, help me out by writing comments to convince new people to dive head-first in.

9 thoughts on “Underrated Bands Series: Poets of the Fall.

  1. I had actually heard about them before. But I’ve never listened to them so I looked them up on Spotify after reading your post AND YOU’RE RIGHT! They’re really good! I do love the singer’s voice <3

  2. Prerak Bakliwal says:

    i heard poets of the fall 2 years ago, and since then, i have never found any other band match their status…they are simply elite and magnanimous…i would not be exaggerating to say that Poets have something that is never going to be found in any of the recent–far away from music, punk, rap–band. they are simply the best and their position in my heart can never be disputed…ever

  3. Poets Of The Fall is an awesome band. the lyrics, music and overall atmosphere this great band creates. One of strong emotion and joy of beauty, loves strength plus songs of infinite tragedy and dark sadness.

    The game Alan Wake is complimented incredibly by tPOTF.

  4. song says:

    never i have heard such a mesmerizing voice or music in the present time.
    they have struck the chord so deeply that i cannot even tell you about the level of harmony and transcendence i feel with music when i listen to the masterpieces they made!!!
    these guys are out of the world.

  5. Blackdawn says:

    Well you won’t find much rock band lead singers with classical training which improves the vocals which is evident in case of Maarko. The band’s sons are masterpieces. Their new singles Daze and Love Will Come To You are mesmerising. Temple of thought title track was also good.

  6. Ajai says:

    It was 3 years back when i first heard their Carnivl of rust and instantly fell in love with them n not a single day pass without listening to them…bt its kinda sad they are not getting the recognition they deserve

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