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Netflix has allowed me a crazy lot of leverage in watching shows I always wanted to, but could never get around to at the time they were on originally, such as Veronica Mars, and through the first couple of seasons I couldn’t understand why anyone would feel the need to cancel the show.

The cast was strong, the characters were quirky, loveable, and (sometimes) easily hated– you found something in everyone that made them at least compelling characters, and the story line itself felt like it at least had threads of continuity, even as seasons passed. I couldn’t understand why anyone would feel the need to cancel something with that much potential, but honestly, I kind of understand it now– it’s no one’s fault, really. Well, that’s not true, there is someone at fault…

… Don’t look so innocent there, guys. You know it’s all your fault. The relationship of Veronica and Piz was forced, it was shallow, and it was ridiculously too sugary for me. I get it, boy likes girl on first day of meeting and after a few times hanging around her wants to be with her. Guy pines over girl who doesn’t see him. Girl finally sees him after breaking up with the boy who would actually die for her. They hold hands– it’s cute, sweet, and completely boring. I hated Piz as a character from the start, something about him just drips with cliche and it’s… obnoxious. As soon as they officially got together I lost most of my interest in the show… I went from watching several episodes a day to none. I didn’t even finish the last few episodes because I’m not sure if I can handle anymore of the VePiz action.

It’s funny to me that there are only a few episodes after their official shift towards dating… it makes sense to me, though… I wouldn’t want to continue on watching those two. I’m a hardcore VeGan fan. Veronica and Logan had the tragedy I like to see in my love stories– I hated Logan the first time I met him, but through two seasons he grew on me as the guy that she really should invest in. He may have lost his way a few times, but what boy doesn’t? Keith’s reaction to Piz reading actual books instead of ‘just being into surfing’ is kind of retarded. I’ve never seen any of Veronica’s other boys as ignorant… they enjoy surfing, it doesn’t mean they lack any kind of intellect. Just because they don’t read books by people Keith has never heard of doesn’t make them less worthy of Veronica– sheesh.

Towards the end of season three, they just lost that thread that made Veronica as good as she was, and Piz helped kill that… I’m honestly glad I didn’t have to watch anymore– if they had revived it I would have boycotted unless I could get past the Piz/Veronic stuff and well into the drama of the finale– maybe Piz would have died… mm, there’s a thought.

I still recommend, at the very least, watching the first couple of seasons of Veronica Mars– and even the beginning of Season 3 has its merits, but… hey, maybe you’ll like Piz more than I do…

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  1. Melu says:

    Absolutely agree with you! Piz and Veronica was way too mushy gushy, and he wasn’t very interesting. Logan got a bit way too mopey in season 3 instead of going badboy style that he suits so well. I do hope that they make a movie though, wrap things up with Veronica and Logan.

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