Gaming: World of Warcraft: Pet Hunting

I mentioned before that I’m getting more than a little into the pet battle system in WoW. It is very much like Pokémon but I find myself able to easily get into this kind of hunting – even though the payout is really NOTHING – than I was able to get into Pokémon itself. It’s really weird how much I’ve been doing it. I think it has gotten to the point where people are actually thinking about staging interventions for me, but you know what? SHUT UP, I FIND IT FUN.

What this means, though, is that the completionist in me had to find a way to keep track of all this stuff outside of the game in its own little area. Something to let me know how good I’m doing – or how badly I guess considering I have less pets than nearly everyone – and to keep track of my collection in a way that I can show off to people, which lead to me finding…

Okay, I know you think I’m especially crazy now and that my friends were probably right in saying that an intervention was not far off, considering the three days I’ve spent doing this – almost non-stop… I sleep, but when I wake up I’m pretty much on pet duty if I’m not dying of pain – and the fact that I actually signed up for a website outside of the game itself to keep track of and deal with my collection.  You’re judging me, and for now, that’s really okay.

I’m proud of my mediocre little collection and what it’s coming to, and I like the idea of this profile thing they give me… it allows me to feel connected without having to actually interact with a single… goddamn… person.  My rare pets are climbing and the rest are evening out into nothing.  Soon I will rule the world with rare pets and awesomeness.  Fear me.

If you are crazy like me, for some reason, feel free to add me there, and once I confirm you’re not a psychopath who wants to stab me and steal my babies pets, we might exchange battletags.

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